Under Eye Dark Circle in Children - Causes & 8 Treatment Remedies

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Under Eye Dark Circle in Children Causes 8 Treatment Remedies
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Gone are ages when dark circles were concern in adults only. The darkness under the eyes can be commonly seen in toddlers and infants these days. They may or may not need any medical attention, though they can be easily treated at home without any hard medications.

What Are Under Eye Dark Circles?

The dark blemishes under or around the eye areas, are mentioned as dark circles. They are also referred as discolouration under eyes or all over the eye socket. The technical term for dark circles is “ periorbital hyperchromia”. They are common to all ages but the toddlers are more susceptible to it because of the skin sensitivity and low immunity levels. Sometimes even they appear as purplish green veins through the dermis layer of skin.

What Causes of Dark Circles Around Eyes?

Since dark circle is a very usual problem with least medical supervision, but when these circles suddenly turns pink to purplish, you may need to be concerned about them. There are many reasons associated for development of dark circles.

  1. Allergic reactions: Infants and toddlers are quite sensitive in terms of skin and immunity, due to which they tend to show allergic symptoms when exposed to pollen, dust or even changed weather conditions. These allergic reactions releases histamine in body which dilates veins thus more blood flow , developing darken skin or circles. They are often called as Allergic shiners.
  2. Blocked nose: one of the most usual reason for dark circles could be blocked nasal tract. Veins that drain out blood from eyes to nose get congested and widens up. Thus seeming as dark circles.
  3. Congestion and Sinus: Congestion and sinus may be another reason for the raccoon eyes in your child. The swollen veins strike the thin eye skin and appear dark in blocked conditions.
  4. Eczema: This skin disorder can trigger the appearance of dingy skin in your child. Eczema is a skin allergy in which the body show allergic frays with redness and itching over the body. Such refluxes indeed increase the blood supply to eyes and show purple tint which looks like dark circles.
  5. Heredity: Pigmentation may also be genetically inherited from parents or in family. It's not always necessary to blame medical limitations for the bulging eyes. If anyone in your family is under the impact of darker skin or blackish casting, you can relate heredity as the cause of dark circles in your child.
  6. Rubbing or scratching eyes:As young children often rub their eyes without taking care of the sensitivity, which leads broken veins, and seems like darker eye patches. The comparatively thinner skin under them make the blood vessels more prominent in children.
  7. Sun exposure: Sometimes in children who are much exposed to sun, develops pigmentation over the skin. Production of melanin stimulates in prolonged basking under sun, developing darker skin tone. So is the reason for the dark eye curvatures in few children.
  8. Dehydration: Water is the most essential fluid to maintain proper functioning of body metabolism. It helps maintaining the balance amongst various systems inside. So in case of lesser water retention in body, skin start appearing wrinkled, dry or pigmented. In few children it causes dark circles too.
  9. Lack of sleep or tiredness: It's not always necessary that your child is having bad sleep patterns or irregular diet. Though if all the above mentioned reasons are not suitable for the patchy skin, then you can blame sleep for all the mess. If your child is deprived of required sleep hours, it may start showing on face in form of bulged swollen eyes.

8 Home Remedies To Treat Dark Circles In Children

When it comes to toddlers, you just cannot apply anything. There are many concerns with children and their safety. Due to the sensitive skin we cannot apply lightening creams or ointments which may induce redness. Also all the known home remedies cannot be implemented on young children. Like lemon or tomato seeds may pose a threat to their under eyes dark circles. So always be aware before you try any remedy.

  1. Almond oil: This is safest remedy to try on dark circles with children. Almond oil is known for its lightening properties. Even in stretch marks it is well accepted to use vitamin E rich almond oil. Usage: Dap cotton in almond oil and rub it around eyes. Let it soak in overnight and wipe gently. This can be done regularly for reducing dark circles
  2. Cucumber: The Indian veggie known for its cooling purposes in summers is also good in lowering the pigmentation under eyes. It has properties to lower down darkness by discouraging fluid accumulation. Since they are not posing itching risk to eyes, can be easily used in children. Usage: They can be applied as slices or can be mashed to extract juice. This juice can be applied for 15 minutes and washed off with water. Follow it thrice a week majorly in summers
  3. Raw potato: Potato juice has been well known natural remedy for stretchy dark skin. The extracted juice is rich in starch which helps in decolouring the dark eye circles. Usage. Extracted juice can be applied over affected eyes. Keep it for 15 minutes and rinse with fresh water
  4. Rose water or gulaab jal: is miracle fluid in every house. From being good skin toner to antibacterial properties, it really helps in reducing bruise like circles. Rose water is rich in vitamins with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant features, suiting it well for treatment in darker skin. Usage: Apply it regularly at night under the puffy eyes in children to sooth pigmentation
  5. Cold compress: is a good method in reducing darken skin around eyes. Cold compress could be done with the help of refrigerated cotton cloth or a cold spoon. Be cautious to use this remedy in winters with your toddlers
  6. Steam/ saline water: If your child is showing symptoms of sinus and congestion, so treating dark circles with steam is a good idea. The warmth in steam will help clearing the blockage and improves the circulation of blood.
    1. Homemade saline water: Natural nasal drops can be prepared well at home. Mix 2 cups of warm water with 1/4th tablespoon of sea salt. Mix them well and use in rinsing nasal cavity in children
  7. Stay hydrated: Lemonade or electrol can be a option in summers with sticking to lukewarm water in winters. In summers a child tends to sweat out more water unlike in winters, where fluid intake is reduced to minimal as per weather. So stay focused on keeping your child well hydrated in both seasons
  8. Treating allergies: If allergy is the commonly known reason for dark circles in your child then prevent the exposure to allergens. Try avoiding going near pollens or dust to be safe with allergy. Putting up masks or applying skin sensitive aloe vera lotions can be helpful

Other Remedies For Under Eye Dark Circles

There are many readily available home remedies for black circles. Like pistachio paste in milk or green tea soaked cotton pads. But their suitability varies from child to child. Always try applying extracts on hands of your child before using it on face directly. This will help you rule out the chances of extreme allergic symptoms.

Do remember, dark circles are not always a big medical issue or sign of poor health in your child. But they do need your attention to avoid major effects. Try these remedies and help your child stay clear skin.


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Hii.. My son is 4yrs old and he breathe by is mouth when he sleeps since from 3 months ... He makes so much noise as if he snores... Plz suggest me on this problem.

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| Mar 25, 2019

I have always had dark circle problems my whole life. It's hereditary, I don't sleep well, I am normally dehydrated, and I have extreme allergies. So in other words, I'm doomed to have dark undereye circles. A long time ago, I found a great cream that really worked and of course they quit making it. Since then (15 years) I've been searching for an eye cream that actually works. I have spent hundreds of dollars on false claims. I decided to give dermalmd under eye treatment serum a shot and I love it! It really does work. Maybe it's wishful thinking but I swear I noticed a remarkable change on day 2 or 3. For a serum that works you really can't beat the price. I highly recommend you give dermalmd serum a chance to change your life.

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