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10 Unique Diwali gifting ideas

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Updated on Mar 02, 2021

10 Unique Diwali gifting ideas
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As the festive season comes in, there is one question on everyone’s mind – What shall I gift my friend for Diwali? How should I make it stand out? Well, my friend, we are all in the same boat. Diwali is a festival that is celebrated with all love and joy across the nation and it is almost customary for you to gift your loves ones with some token of love and wishes during this festival.

Although there are some pretty standard and easy things that people resort to during Diwali like dry fruits, crockery, décor items etc.. which everyone is bored of, there is always this one thought on everyone’s mind – Does my gift stand out? Is my friend every going to use it? No worries dear, today I will give you 10 unique Diwali gift Ideas that your friends will not only love but also use in their daily lives. But before we check out the gift ideas let’s see why do you give and receive gifts on Diwali.

Why Is Gifting A Tradition During Diwali?

Gifting during Diwali is a tradition and a most important part of the festival. It is believed that during Diwali each and everyone come together despite their busy schedules and cultural differences and offer gifts to each other to strengthen the bond of brotherhood and familial ties in the society.

The tradition of gifting is quite ancient and over the years the gifts have seen quite a makeover. From dry fruits platter to fruit juices gift set, from chocolate hampers to a mix and match platter by various FMCG brands Diwali gifting has come a long way.

10 Unique Diwali Gifting Ideas

  1. Cake Jars: Ever heard of them? They are a rage these days because cake jars are super flattering and come in a variety of flavors. So no matter how diabetic or how choosy your friend is, there will always be one flavor that you can gift him/her. Packed in beautiful glass jars, cake jars look extremely fancy and hard to resist
  2. Bath Salts/Scrubs: This is something I really liked and picked up from an exhibition where they were selling all-natural, organic and 100% chemical free bath salts and exfoliating scrubs. The range included aromas like lavender, vanilla, chocolate, mint and rose. On searching more, I found that such organic and natural variants are easily available in the market. You can customize them on order and get them gift packed for your friends and family
  3. Paintings: Who wants a boring decorative gift on Diwali that doesn’t go with the décor theme? Paintings are something that can match or even enhance the overall décor of an area. A single painting on a wall is enough to make an impression. So invest in a nice painting for your friends and trust me, they will love the gift too much!
  4. Copper Vessels: In case your friends are a bit health conscious, they will live this one for sure. Copper vessels are known for their health benefits and copper vessel assortments as Diwali gift will be a perfect gesture from you end. You could get a copper water bottle, copper cutlery set, glasses etc and your friends will remember you every time they use it!
  5. Candle Stands: It is pretty much possible that your friends and family would be buying lots of candles for their Diwali decorations. So why not help them out by gifting a beautiful candle stand? Invest in some creative, artistic candle stands available in the market. There is a lot of variety and materials in which you get candle stands like metal, acrylic, glass, copper etc.
  6. Personalized cupcakes: Usually people like to gift something sweet or edible to their friends and family members on Diwali but these days everyone is so health conscious and detests boring and traditional sweets. To break the monotony, you can get some personalized cupcakes made from your favorite bakery with your message or name on it so that your friends remember you while savoring them!
  7. Herbal Tea: You would have seen the amount of people who are crazy over green tea these days. It’s all because of its health benefits and the variety of flavors it comes in. In case your friend loves green tea too, you can get an assortment of different green tea flavors for them in a nice packing. This will definitely stand out from the rest of the usual gifts!
  8. Books & Coffee: We all have that one friend who is a bookworm. In case yours is too, you can gift him/her their favorite book or favorite author’s book and a pack of high end coffee to go with it. This will truly stand out and etch in their memories because people who love to read, love their coffee!
  9. Card Games: If you ask your parents, they would tell you how important card games have been for Diwali nights. Most families indulge in a card game or two for Diwali to celebrate with their families. What could be better than a card game for Diwali gift? This will be something totally use-worthy and will stand out amongst other gifts
  10. Essential Oils & Diffusers: Modern homes aren’t complete without a set of essential oils and a diffuser. The aromatic fragrances that these oils add to the home are out of the world! Gift your friend a set of essential oils and a diffuser to go with it. You could buy an electric one or a reed on as per your budget and liking but the effect that these will have will be outstanding and your friends will not forget this well thought gift!

Gifting always comes with questions, doubts and thinking but a little bit of thoughtfulness and creativity can make all the difference. Keep your friends and family in mind while selecting the gift and add your personal touch to it with some great packaging and see the magic. Happy Diwali!

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| Oct 04, 2017

very useful blog. this is exactly what I was looking for this Diwali. i didn't want gifts to be run-of-the-mill this time and wanted to add that special personal touch keeping in mind the choice of my friends and family. these unique ideas would definitely come in handy to do the same. thank so much for sharing this blog..

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| Oct 11, 2017

i liked the copper vassle and candle stand wala idea very much. Super suggestions, thanks parentune support.

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| Mar 22, 2021

L yhnhhinkkmklkh/)¥

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