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Pros & Cons of Using Mobile Games During Exams

Swapna Nair
11 to 16 years

Created by Swapna Nair
Updated on Jan 05, 2022

Pros Cons of Using Mobile Games During Exams
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This is a tricky situation. Exams are around the corner and how do we tackle this menace.

Should we give our children screen time or not?

Look back at our childhood. Anything new and unfamiliar to our parents was not a comfortable territory. The TV, the computer, the phone (landline) – they became part of our lives and we have survived them.

Playing Video Games During Exams:

  1. During exams children do need breaks too. Here if you can monitor the breaks then you can allow for 15-20 minutes. This could be considered if you do not wish your child to play outdoors
  2. Have an If…then rule. This can vary according to the age of the child. Those children who are in the Primary level do not stress about exams. It is the parents who are more stressed. So talk to your child. Set rules and penalties. If you promise to play only for 20 minutes then I shall give you the mobile. If you do not then I shall not give during the exam time at all. For those in Middle school, if you have an energetic child who likes to play outdoors and then indoors, negotiate like this: if you want to play a video game then you will have to compromise on the outdoor game. Thus knowing the interest and nature of your child you can allow the usage
  3. If you set a time limit, set a timer and keep it near the child. When the timer goes off the mobile also has to be taken
  4. One condition ought to be that the child uses the phone to play in the drawing room where you can supervise. ‘if you use the phone here for …minutes, then I can give you’ rule can be applied
  5. For teens and pre-teens it is wiser to have a conversation about this before exams than either of you clashing about this
  6. Children see us hooked to the phone for varied reasons and social media being one of them. Hence it is not fair to condone their actions. So it would be wiser for us to use less screen time too
  7. Playing games is an entertainment. So this could be the much needed relaxation break in between studies. Apply the if..then rule’ . If you spend time on gaming then no TV. Negotiate with your child before the exams. Discuss the if..then rule. Put up creative posters of the same if needed. Make it like a fun game. Discuss the consequences and privileges
  8. Playing a game requires focus and a competitive spirit. Talk to your child on using the same in studies
  9. Ensure that the child has done good revision one month prior to exams. Exam time is only for breezing through the book for final revision
  10. If your child has been set into a good study habit routine right from day 1 of school then you need not be anxious at all. Hence set up good routines from the next academic year

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| Mar 07, 2018

excellent tips.. thanks for sharing.

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| Mar 09, 2018

here ideas given are literally outstanding intelligence still I have a question if family has their own large scale function time or we have to attend very close relative functions and it's important at the time of children's exam what we must must either we rejects to attend or how to put away children from it so that they concentrate on their studies

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| Mar 10, 2018

Komal your own family functions can be scheduled according to the child’s school calendar. I have excused myself from relatives and friendsfunctions during my child’s exam. Personally I believe that being with your child is important even if your child is academically good. Our physical presence and care is important. I would always joke to my students that They would be excused unless it was their own wedding , we need to prioritise. Others will understand and if they do not also it is alright.

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| Mar 19, 2018


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