VDay With Your Child: A Mom's Story On Her Best Valentine's Gift Ever!

Shantala Kamath
7 to 11 years

Created by Shantala Kamath
Updated on Feb 14, 2019

VDay With Your Child A Moms Story On Her Best Valentines Gift Ever
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I know some mommies must be waiting for their husbands to give them a surprise or some moms must be planning for a dinner date. But the reality after having a child is different. Why do we have to just wait and celebrate this day only with our better halves? Isn't Valentine's Day all about love? Well, according to me it's the perfect opportunity to spend time with your little one and make the most of this filled-with-love day!

So, this VDay I decided to celebrate it with my child, my parents and my friends who have given me so much in life. Dear mommies, this Valentine's I would like to tell you that  keep yourself always happy as your child observes you and learns a lot of things from you in life.I gifted my 3-year-old daughter a small thing and believe me the happiness that I saw on her face was my best valentine's day gift ever. We keep expecting umpteen things in life from many people but most of the times are disappointed as they do not fulfill them.We mothers are always in search of love but why don't we see that our children are the ones who love you the most and care for you truly.

Follow these 3 fundas of life and keep smiling 1.Love yourself 2.Love yourself 3.Love yourself. Yes please love yourself, if you don't love yourself you will never love anyone.Enjoy the moments you are spending with your children, with your partner, your parents, near and dear ones and live life as though it's your last day. Don't hurt anyone and don't let anyone's opinion hurt you. All mommies out there have a wonderful Valentine's Day and be the mom who you want to be and this Valentine's. Take a pledge to take care of yourself and love yourself more, as you are the source of love to the entire family.

Happy Valentine's Day mommies!

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