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Vital in building natural immunity

Dipika Singh

Created by Dipika Singh
Updated on Aug 14, 2021

Vital in building natural immunity
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As a mother, I encourage curiosity building in my kid. When children seek answers to questions, they work on their creative ability and hence, developing body and mind stimulation.

Kavya is very curious and doesn't shy away from trying new things. I am usually very happy when she challenges herself to try new stuff, but with times like these when health and immunity can go for a toss any time, I have been worried about her immune system.

Mom told me about 'haldi waala doodh', but I wasn't convinced until I read about the *curcumin science* and did my own research online.

Do you know, turmeric has a compound called curcumin, which is vital in building natural immunity.

For me, it is essential to know the details, especially for what I am feeding to my child. In their growth years, it is our responsibility to make them healthy.

After discovering curcumin science, I am double sure of being able to help them build natural immunity and also stay safe from various infections.

As a mom, I couldn't ask anything more than an easy way to boost my kid's immunity and keep them healthy.


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