Ways to make Parenting a Happy Journey

Rashmi Pandit
1 to 3 years

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Updated on Sep 27, 2019

Ways to make Parenting a Happy Journey
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While having a child brings the priceless joy to our lives, with it comes a huge responsibility. While making their future financially secure is crucial, it is equally important that we infuse a sense of social and moral responsibility in our children

Parents who always act as a role model for the child, lay down the basic foundation for a better future adult. Our behaviors and decisions in the day-to-day life are practical life lessons to our children. Little efforts from our side can help shape our children into becoming a responsible social being. Here are some starting points:

Manners and Etiquette: Use the words of courtesy like "please" and “thankyou” frequently in the presence of the child. When I want my child to return something she grabbed or want her to stop pulling clothes from the cupboard or sit in a place and have her food and if she listens to me I respond back with a "Thank You". Believe me you are sure to be acknowledged with a smile.
Sharing: I take my child for a play date where she can make new friends and I can teach her act of sharing and kindness by encouraging her to share her toys and be nice and let other fellow children take their turn on her favorite rides.
Healthy habits: Taking care of the personal hygiene of the child, be it regular bathing, brushing teeth or washing hands before meals will help imbibe importance of hygiene in children. Keeping the surrounding clutter free and doing away with the dishes and laundry at the earliest will help children learn to follow an organized way of life.
Respect: Respect is A Two-Way Street. To earn respect, children need to be treated with respect too. Any disagreement or argument I have with my toddler I prefer to have the discussion in privacy and not with an audience of strangers. Occasionally I let my child take decisions like what she would prefer for dinner or where she would like to go for an outing.
Walk in their Shoes: While I believe teaching my children manners is important, it’s absurd to expect my child to behave like a grownup. So at times I wake up the child inside me and enjoy the small things in life. I go chasing the butterflies with her, enjoy the rain, build sand castles or watch the cartoon and share a laugh.

Learning how to become a better person is easy said than done; both for you and your children. Just believe in yourself and start with encouraging the right and positive behavior towards life.

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| May 15, 2019

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| Sep 17, 2019

xcellent ..i learned not to scold children infront of others from this blog ... importance of gvng respect to them unfortunately i live in a joint family setup where mostly im unable to wait for discusion or argument wth my child pivately

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| Sep 12, 2020

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