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10 Tips to Play Safe Holi With Your Child & Family

Urvashi Shah
7 to 11 years

Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Mar 19, 2019

10 Tips to Play Safe Holi With Your Child Family
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It is that time of the month where the colors do the talking. Say hello to the vibrant colorful festival of Holi, which has dawned upon us after a year’s wait. With Holi just around the corner, the excitement is palpable amongst children and adults too. From buying the latest pichkaris to stocking up colors to buying water balloons, preparations of this wonderful festival are going on in full swing everywhere in the country. With this being a fun festival, you also need to know how to keep yourself safe in Holi due to the use of toxic colours and water balloons. [Explore: What If Celebrating First Holi With Your Baby?]

If you are playing Holi with your little one then you might need these tips to play safe Holi with your child.

How To Play Safe Holi With Your Child?

Following are the ways to educate your child how to play safe Holi-

  1. Use safe colours:

    The first rule is to make use of safe colours, available in the market. The use of toxic colours does much harm to the skin and can create troubles if the colour enters the eyes. It is advisable to use gel-based colors that are safer to play with as well as easier to remove. [Explore: What Is The Significance Of Holi?]
  2. Avoid water balloons:

    Children can get really excited with the use of water balloons made to throw at each other and engage in a friendly water balloon fight, which might turn out to be hazardous. If water balloons are thrown at a person at a great speed or from a certain height, it can lead to serious injuries and hence must be avoided at any cost. Teach your child not to use water balloons as they can cause skin, eye and injuries to the ears
  3. Dressing right:

    Teach your child to wear the right kind of clothes during Holi. Since colours will be used extensively, it is wise that your child wears full sleeved t-shirt and a full legged pant for protection. This will allow minimal colour to get inside
  4. Use Sunglasses:

    With the raging excitement to throw colours and water balloons at each other, one often neglects the dangers associated with it. Colours and water balloons can hit the eyes too, which is why it is safer for your child and you to wear sunglasses throughout the play. This will prevent the colours from getting in to the eyes and causing serious infections
  5. Skincare:

    You never know the kind of toxicity present in the colours that can lead to skin infections. Hence, you must apply petroleum jelly to your child’s skin, especially to the exposed parts of the body such as hands, legs and face before allowing him/her to step out of the house. This technique will make it easier to wash off the color in no time.[ExploreEffects of Holi Colors on Child's Skin?]
  6. Hair care:

    The notorious colours can get anywhere and everywhere, which is why prevention is better prior to stepping out of the house, amid the colours. Make sure you apply oil to your child’s hair so that the colour doesn’t stick and can be washed off with an ease
  7. Pichkari etiquettes:

    Children can go berserk while using pichkaris to target their friends and might forget how the water shooting out of it can harm the opposite person. You must teach your child to keep his/her pichkari away from other people’s faces, especially their eyes and ears
  8. Keeping colours away from mouth:

    Synthetic colours, powder or gel-based can contain harmful substances. Children might not be aware of the colours getting in to their mouths which can pose harm to their health and hence it is essential to teach them to avoid getting the colours to their mouths
  9. Avoiding Strangers:

    Holi is also the time where strangers can get in to your group without being noticed and might take undue advantage of the situation. So teach your child to be away or not to play with strangers and rather be within the society’s compound throughout the time
  10. Eating Etiquettes:

    A number of societies arrange lunch for the members during Holi and children might not be aware how their muddy and colourful little hands can pick up the food. Advice your child to wash off their hands, feet and mouth before picking up and kind of food


Ensure you imply up on these tips for a safe and healthy Holi with your little one. These ideas to play safe Holi can be shared with your near and dear ones. Have and happy and a colorful Holi.

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