7 Foods For Weight Gain in Toddlers

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7 Foods For Weight Gain in Toddlers
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The problem with us Indian moms is that we tend to associate 'chubbiness' with 'being healthy'. Also, most of us co-relate a child's weight with the way the mother is bringing her up. But is that right? I strongly feel as long as the child is thriving properly, is active, healthy, and happy, there should not be a cause of concern. Having said that, it is equally important to keep a check on the baby's weight, time to time, and get your doubts verified by a paediatrician. A paediatrician will rule out any possible chances of medical problems, and also let you know if the child is really underweight. And if he really is, then nutrition will play a key role here. Check 7 Weight Gain Foods for Toddlers

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| Oct 31, 2019

igfrtrt85864er4344444466rttttry55444e4vp0 cyp

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| Jul 26, 2019

hi meri beti 7 months ki hai aur kuch nahi khati are doodh peeti hai

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| Jun 30, 2019

Meri beti 5mnth k huski helth kesi badegi

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| Jun 27, 2019

My son 18 months old and has less immunity. Very often suffers from cold nearly 20 days in a month. How to increase my son's immunity?. What fruits should I give to my child when suffering from cold??

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| Jun 22, 2019

Mairi beti 2 years and 6 months ki hai oska weight kitna hona chahye?

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| Jun 18, 2019

mera baba 1. 30 saal la hai vo surf doodh roti khata hai aur doodh biscuits khata hai aur Nanchni baki khana khata hi nahi uskai liye kya karu plus suggest me

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| Aug 14, 2018

Thanks for sharing the video which show us what we can give our child for gaining d weight in our child.

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| Jun 30, 2018

my kids always get constipation

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