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What Would You Prefer - More Academics or Extracurricular Activities?

Somya Gupta
1 to 3 years

Created by Somya Gupta
Updated on Mar 05, 2020

What Would You Prefer More Academics or Extracurricular Activities
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Choosing the best education system for the child is always a stressful task.

When I and my husband were looking for a school for our son, I think we visited more than 20 schools and were still confused. Here, I am sharing my experience with you as we finally decided what would be the best for our child - only education or extra circular activities.

I talked to so many parents and then decided to go to that school where there is a balance. We figured that both will play an equally important role in the child’s development.

As both will go hand in hand together.

Participating in extracurricular activities can increase their brain function, which helps them to concentrate and manage their time in a better way.

When they participate in multiple different activities, they will get the opportunity to explore their range of interest they have and diversify their interest which broadens the world for them.

The more they achieve success through activities the more passionate and confident they will become. Working hard and mastering new skills in a fun, relaxed – and sometimes competitive – setting allows them to be successful without the pressure of focusing only on good grades.

One of the easiest ways to make friends is through extracurricular activities. Each extracurricular your child engage in will provide him/her with another opportunity to expand his/her social network.

The lessons they will learn from participating in meaningful extracurricular activities will help them with everything from getting a job, to applying to universities, to just living your life.

So take a wise decision and don't force them to study all the time. As they want a balance of both as education is important but with extra circular activities. So, I am happy that I have chosen a mix of both for my son.

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