What’s the best thing that happened today?

Mohit Sawhney
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Whats the best thing that happened today

Years ago, Subhash Chandra Bose had asked the country’s youth, “Tum Mujhe Khoon Do, Mein Tumhe Aazadi Doonga!” Our next generation is asking it again but in a different context, “Tum Mujhe Phone Do, Mein Tumhe Aazadi Doonga!” It seems we are missing the much needed connect with our children. Is there a way out? Read the blog to know more!

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Mohit Sawhney

| Jan 10, 2017

We made a Family rule in 2016 beginning - "No Technology in the Bedroom. " Leave aside kids, even we thought it was impossible target. But now, we have come to a point where Tanav, my 8 year old son reminds me or my wife in case we forget. We seriously DON'T have any Technology (phones / TV / iPad / not even Fitbit) in the bedroom!

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Radhika Bhoopathi

| Sep 01, 2016

Good Article. Thanks.

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Rupali Srivastava

| Jun 30, 2016

Nice article with everyday n every household problem. I guess we are somewhere losing touch with our children due to excessive use or rather misuse of gadgets in our lives. We need to set examples everyday by distancing ourselves first. Truly said, things will not change in first attempt but perseverance will pay off well. Children are the best and first ones to notice and appreciate break from monotonous routine. Will definitely start off today itself!!

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