When expecting mothers travel - traveling during pregnancy

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When expecting mothers travel traveling during pregnancy
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To travel is to live! –Rumi

Travel forms an essential part of my life--be it remembering old trips to hill stations with my parents when I was a little girl, college trips that laid foundation of many of my long-lasting friendships, or my wonderful travel experiences with my husband. Even when I conceived, I refused to believe that travel during pregnancy could be harmful. Barring a couple of precautions, travel during pregnancy is, I would say, a must for all moms-to-be, to take a break and enjoy some “me” time before the arrival of the baby.

So if you are pregnant and planning to travel, you might want to keep the following pointers in mind:

1. When to travel

This is a crucial question that needs to be answered before you plan anything. Ideally the second trimester is the most preferred time for pregnant travelers. This is because during this phase most of your early pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, acidic reflux etc. have settled and you are more comfortable with the changes in your body. Also, during this phase most of the medical tests etc. are complete and your doctor visits are well spaced to give you ample time to plan your vacation. I would suggest that you do keep your doctor in the loop and follow what he/she might have to say depending upon your medical condition.

2. Where to travel

This is the second obvious question. Any place that has a good connectivity and medical facilities is a good choice. Beaches are a feasible option because the weather is mild and the air is clean. Hills can be a good option too, just make sure the place you choose does not involve a sudden drop of oxygen levels or extreme changes in altitude/climate.

3. How to travel

Almost all modes of transport be it car, train or flight are safe. The crucial part is duration. It is recommended that flights lasting more than 6-8 hours should be avoided. Also, make sure that when you are traveling, you travel light, keep yourself well hydrated and take frequent breaks to stretch your legs and walk (especially for road trips and flights). Also, be comfortably dressed.

4. What to keep in mind

It is essential that you keep your well being the first priority when on a vacation.

When on a beach, make sure your skin is properly protected from sunburn. Do not indulge in any water sports or activities that might physically stress you out or are prohibited by your doctor. I have seen a lot of moms-to-be hesitating before going on a beach fearing how they may look. My advice-Take it easy, you are as beautiful as you think you are! Beach vacation can be the best way to just relax in the  refreshing sea breeze with a glass of cold coconut water!

If you planning to travel to the hills make sure that your travel is not too strenuous. Avoid if you have motion sickness or if there is any place where oxygen levels drop suddenly. These things can lead to unnecessary stress on your body that might prove harmful.

Make sure that you carry all your medicines, comfortable clothing and footwear and avoid food that you are allergic to.

5. What to pack

Besides your regular stuff, the clothes and toiletries, here are some other things you may want to pack in your luggage, especially your handbag.

  1. If you are on any medication for nausea, or even your supplement, do carry ample supply of them
  2. Doctor’s prescription for the medicines to enable you to buy more if you lose or run out of the same
  3. If you need any preferential treatment in the flight, for eg: a seat with more leg space, do check at the time of your booking. Also, you can carry a medical document written by your doctor stating your stage of pregnancy and the required attendance
  4. Carry ample of tissues/barf bags/ wipes etc. You never know when a bout of nausea hits you.
  5. On long journey, carry a set of spare clothing in your handbag itself
  6. Some calming essential oils or perfumes to sniff on during the journey
  7. Your favourite music or book to keep your mind of anxieties. 

6 Do not miss out on your BABY-MOON!

Before your baby arrives it is essential that you spend some quality time with your partner and enjoy some special memories together. This magical phase will be something you will cherish in future.

So go ahead and pack those bags and book those tickets. Your baby-moon is waiting for you!


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| Jul 20, 2016

Another helpful blog from you Lakshmi. Thanks for sharing these hands-on and highly useful tips with fellow mommies. loved it.

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| Jul 22, 2016

Thanks Nitin. Always happy to help :)

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| Aug 27, 2016

hey thr ...thanks for these really helpful tips... i hope these tips can help in breaking the myth of not travelling during pregnancy... i am 7 months pregnant and love travelling and it forms the essential part of my life..

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| Mar 10, 2017

I am planning to travel just heard the news from doctor that I am 4 weeks pregnant,i have 3 yrs old kid,i am thinking how to manage the trip,is it advisable?

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| Aug 26, 2021

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