which make managing the health of my little one effortless.

Neha Modi Jalan
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Updated on Nov 10, 2020

which make managing the health of my little one effortless
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As a mother, I never want my child to feel queasy or experience any discomfort. There have been times when my schedules have turned topsy-turvy, and I wasn’t able to squeeze in as much time as I’d like with my child.

This often used to drive me into a state of paranoia every time my child would feel under the weather. However, over the years, my own parenting experience and advice of elders, has helped me tackle this a lot more easily.

Additionally, I have come to understand that there are some essentials which make managing the health of my little one effortless.

One such brand trusted for generations has been a constant companion for me, Crocin liquid. It has always been around like a trusted partner that ensures my child’s wellbeing and I always have it in my medicine box because with kids you can never be extra cautious. 

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| Nov 21, 2020

It's my constant companion too! So I am season change ready too this time .

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| Nov 21, 2020

I too always keep it in my first aid box. In this pandemic we can't take any risk with child's health. As soon as I see any symptoms I start giving it.

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| Nov 22, 2020

Undoubtedly Crocin gives relief to our children with ease.

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