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A constant question in our house, when I was too young to not understand how useless the question is, and how it can never have an answer!
Knowing me and my nature, my mother always answered, “I love you both equally” and added, am guessing, in a bit Bollywood-ish style, “You 2 are my 2 hands”.
This answer kept us happy for years till one day because my brother and I had fought he told me one of us will always be the right (and therefore more precious) hand and the other lef. This broke me completely!
Well if we were naughty and mean I must say my mother is a smart lady. Her favourite tctic: Two kids. of ages 6 and 7 were left with 1 hand tied up tightly and therefore useless, for four hours together. I can’t recollect whose which hand she tied up but I do remember the fun aspect of using only 1 hand wore off soon enough. Four hours was a long time. We couldn't write, or unfold a blanket or hold our plate, or tie a shoe lace or go out to play with just one hand. That day he and I got our answer.
Never again was this question asked in our house. As an adult whenever I would hear of friends contemplating if they wanted a second child or not I remembered the feeling of a hand tied up and knew I don’t want to live my life with just one hand.
At present a mother of a 4-year-old boy and a 3-month-old girl, as my whatsapp status says, I am BLESSED and COMPLETE.

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| Sep 06, 2016

h hhhuhj

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| Aug 04, 2021

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