Why Cycling is good for Children!

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Why Cycling is good for Children

Millions around the globe echo what John F. Kennedy felt about a bike ride. Cycling is a popular recreational and fitness activity that is enjoyed by children and adults alike. For the children who learn to bicycle very early in life, there probably is no greater hobby than this.

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priyanka gupta

| Nov 29, 2015

My daughter is four year oldn loves her cycle most n very much fond of cycling. Yes surely cycling is a full body excercise... during my childhood I have done lot n lots of cycling and want to do it now also.... very soon my little one who is one year cycle he will also start to do cycling n den I will also start wid him.... excited about it... nice article...

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| Jan 21, 2013

My son is three year old ,he is found of bicycle. we got him for his birthday he enjoys it and he is feeling very proud that he has grown big and able to do cycling for more than one hour.

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Meenakshi Dharmai

| Jan 08, 2013

My son loves to cycle and well we just noticed that he he has lost all his baby fat and he has grown taller too

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Annapoorni Padmanabhan

| Jan 03, 2013

I still remember those days when I first learnt cycling... my son never found it tough to ride it and I completely agree that those small fall and smashes makes it worth the try...

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| Jan 02, 2013

Cycling is enjoyable and has numerous health benefits. Families cycling together on a warm day is a common sight in European countries. We intend to venture out this summer! Lovely article.

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Neetu Ralhan

| Jan 02, 2013

My child loves to cycle. I so want to do it but to be able to cycle with him, I need a bicycle myself. Hopefully will get it soon this year!

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