Why doing-nothing is important for children

Shweta Chopra
3 to 7 years

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Why doing nothing is important for children

Amidst all the running between hobby classes and sports classes are we taking away something precious from our children…their childhood? The ability to just be and not do anything? A blogger parent of two, and a Life Coach, reminds us of the same in her blog and why it is important for us to let our children breathe?

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Hiral Desai

| Jul 05, 2017

Thank you Shweta ji... My son is 2. 5 year old. How can I brush his teeth? And what should I use to brush his teeth? I am asking this, because sometimes bad smell come out of his mouth.

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Alpana Deshpande

| May 12, 2016

understanding the importance of doing nothing and let kids have a carefree time,this summer consciously I have not enrolled my daughter to any summer camps... reading the above article makes me feel even more confident about my decision...

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Sushma kiran

| Apr 21, 2016

Wow ....very beautiful message to all the parents.... This site is a spark to all kids ..parents to know the importance of being a parent

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maharukh patel

| Mar 27, 2016

Nice article... But for kids if u don't give them any activities than they just watch their cartoons which is just not acceptable so we have to engage them in some work. I think i have to find some meditation centre where they teach children to meditate n b quite for some time. so their concentration improves...

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Attika Seth

| Mar 20, 2016

Very true!! Loved the article.. I really think in the race to reach our goals we have stopped enjoying the journey.. And thats what we are teaching our kids.. Very well said.. Hope parents understand and put this into practice..

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P Basu

| Mar 19, 2016

Alas this little understanding is completely absent among parents during this cut throat compitition...... everyone is running aimlessly & making their child to do the same.....

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Laxmi Sharma

| Mar 18, 2016

Nice article .. which can help many parents to understand their kids better.

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Preeti Gaba

| Mar 18, 2016

Excellent article... we must give the ideal time to kid.... its very imp for mental growth..

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Shikha Batra

| Mar 18, 2016

Brilliant piece of work! I really get surprised by the way parents beginning from play school itself,instill Competitive skills in their children and stress on winning. All the time we pester kids to outperform others, not share what they do at home,hide info like how much they study, not help others when someone is absent, scold him/her when his rival did better than our own child. It's time we (parents ) take a back seat and let children enjoy what they like doing the most rather than forcing our wishes on them. How much we miss our childhood days similarly , their childhood would never come back again . let us relive our childhood through them and let them do even nothing if they wish to.

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