Why going to school is exciting for toddlers?

Vandana Bhotika
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Updated on Mar 31, 2020

Why going to school is exciting for toddlers
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Sending a child to school every day can sometimes be stressful for parents and the situation worsens after a break. And considering the fact that there is a long weekend coming this week, I wanted to share an incident. While packing school bags for my toddlers. I noticed that they were really happy. Initially I was unable to figure it out. Are they really happy for they have to go to school the next day or are they too small to have a feeling school "Nahi jana". On the other side, it made me wonder: did I ever miss my school so much or was excited to go back to school like they are?

Here is what I think actually makes tots super excited about going back to school:

 1. More toys:  The child is free to play with a variety of toys which they may not have at home.

 2. Looking forward to meeting friends: A child is fond of his friends with whom they talk and tell them stories about the fun they had during their holidays.

3. Learning new things: Children love messy things and they learn so much while doing craft and painting etc. Hand painting is one thing which comes to their mind when they think of school and something that makes them look forward to going to school.

 4. Missing the class teacher: My children love their ma'am. They are scared of her also at the same time but respect her in all aspects, as she is the one in the school looking after them. They are happy to meet her again.

5. The lunch box mystery: My elder daughter loves her lunch box and every night she'll tell me want she wants for lunch tomorrow. This literally makes her want to go back to school the next day.

Let's have a look on the other side of the story. After a holiday of running after the child, there is no better time for a Mom, than a day of school. I being a mother of 2 toddlers of almost the same age, it was really tough for me to handle them. But, honestly I enjoyed and moreover I think holidays, with them, have made a child of me all over again. My children and I did everything like watching animated movies, dancing, going to video games parlour, messy hand paintings, singing rhymes at full volume, storytelling every night, toddlers cooking and much  more. I'll really miss all this once the school starts. 

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| Aug 26, 2016

My kid is always crying to go to his play school and I really wanted to figure out how to control his crying. though I used to describe many pleasing words abt his school he's not ready to listen it . even if he listens the next day wen entering into school he starts crying again

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| Nov 30, 2016

am going to join my baby in play school. these information help me

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| Apr 11, 2017

meri baby 21 mnths ki hai playway only 2 days gyi hai or continously 2 hrs roti rahi.... her teacher asked usko abhi school mat bhejo... usko kaise handle kiya jaye k woh school jaye

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| Apr 11, 2017

my son goes school daily wd smile nd vry much punctual in his routines nd m happy wd his routines but he doesnt learn at home.. wht to do for dt ???

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| Apr 12, 2017

Is your little one ready for school?

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