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Winter foods for children

Tanuja Sodhi
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Winter foods for children

Ever wondered why your ‘little sunshine’ unexpectedly crinkles her nose on eating her favorite fruit- strawberry or refuses to eat her carrot beyond a bite? May be the strawberry tastes sour and the carrot tastes bland, and gorging on them is not fun anymore! Don’t badger yourself crazy over the issue, as it may be a mere case of seasonality. Foods that are seasonal have better taste, texture and flavor than artificially produced food that travels thousands of miles to reach the supermarket shelves. Foods that are chilled and shipped lose flavor at every step of the way, i.e. during chilling, during transportation and on being stored in warehouses. These may even be injected or artificially prepared to meet the demand for that food.

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| Nov 09, 2013

Very useful information

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| Jan 16, 2013

Agree with Anurima, having a quick reference list over here really does make a lot of difference. This is one place I trust for information.

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| Jan 15, 2013

Great! Having a list like this and being able to look at it anytime for reference is really helpful. We are indeed spoilt for choice with regards to the availability of fruits and vegetables during winter. Thanks.

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Neetu Ralhan

| Jan 12, 2013

Nice exhaustive list, how come we feel there's not enough options in fruits and veggies.. !

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puja malhotra

| Jan 11, 2013

great ,I read it along with my 10yrs old son to make him aware about the benefits of each veggie as he is choosy. Lets see how much this helps me to make him eat all the veggies. Thanks for the knowledge. :)

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