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You Are Feeding Enough To Your Child, But Literally, Are You Really Feeding Enough?

Akriti Bahl
1 to 3 years

Created by Akriti Bahl
Updated on Feb 08, 2020

You Are Feeding Enough To Your Child But Literally Are You Really Feeding Enough
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From your child's favourite fruits to his/her favourite shakes, you are doing your best to give the best to your little bundle of joy. As a mother, you are pushing your limits to nurture your child with the best possible health and ultimate happiness. Your little one's small tummy holds a big demand for nutrients. While you feed him/her enough with his/her favourite dishes day after day, here is an important question for you to ponder upon.

Are you feeding your child enough nutrition?

Here is a sneak-peek into some important nutrients that can ensure a fast and healthy growth:


Calcium is the most vital nutrient to build bone mass; and a deficiency of it can affect the overall growth and development of your child, especially your daughter. Hence, it is essential to feed your child with calcium-rich foods that provide the requisite strength for his/her bones to develop.


Although difficult to digest, Fiber is a significant ingredient for your child's nutrition. It fills them up and gives the required energy for them to stay active and chirpy.


According to recent studies, children within the age group of 3-4 years are not receiving enough Iron. This is an extremely important nutrient, which not only ensures a healthy blood flow within the body but also boosts strong brain development. Iron with its myriad benefits has a lot to assure your child is getting the right nurturing at the right age.

While you are doing your most to feed your little one enough food for his/her growth and development, its time you make sure you feed him/her the right nutrients as well.

A 'complete' and fully nourishing diet is what your child needs for a future that is fully flourishing and filled with happiness.

Disclaimer: To ensure the complete nutrition for your child, give him/her a complete Bowl of Assurance from Nestle CEREGROW - Pura Poshan, Puri Tassalli, that is packed with the correct nutrients to nourish him/her today and prepare him/her for a brighter tomorrow.

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