Your child needs more family time during exam time

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Your child needs more family time during exam time
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The weeks preceding exams bring anxiety and stress, which only gets worse as the dates come nearer – this is true for your child and you, as well! The young minds have to balance teachers, parents and books! And you have your own set of concerns. Amidst all this stress, it is natural if the time spent between you and your child gets strained; you can’t help but inquire, ‘how much of your syllabus is covered?’; ‘have you finished your revision?’ and your child may get frustrated or irritated with the constant queries, and may start to withdraw altogether.

This is a downward spiral and the only way to beat it, is this: Spend quality family with your child and ensure that there is no exam talk during this time. Family support works as a great stress-buster.

Tips For Parents to Support Child During Exams

So here are some tips to provide the best support during exam hours for your child. Read here

Plan a 30-mnt picnic: You don’t have to go to some far off park – use the colony park or use the balcony! Pack up sandwiches, chips, a flask carrying warm milk with Horlicks that would help energise your child’s mind – make your picnic basket healthy and tasty. Carry a frisbee or badminton gear too (if going to the park) or playing cards (for the balcony). Play for 10 minutes and then eat and ‘talk easy’. Talk about movies…talk about birds and bees – anything but not studies! Plan this once a week.


Perk up the daily break: Sit with your child, just be there with him/her as s/he takes that 10-minute study break. Be calm– and trust me, you will pass on the same relaxed vibe to your child. You can also keep a track of your child’s time table and prepare some healthy snack (that you know your child fancies) and serve it up in style during this break! If this is not always possible, just share a jug of homemade juice or lemonade. Your child deserves your special attention during this time.


Eating together is a must: It is a healthy and positive habit for the family to sit together for a meal. Discourage your child from taking the meal plate to the study room. Your child needs family time and the comfort that comes with it. And bring nothing stressful to the table – start a talk about anything that is fun and interesting – no exams and no marks! Read: What Food to Eat before Exams


Make time for play: After dinner, a 15-minute round of a good-old board game (something light) such as snakes and ladders or cards or anything alike is a great idea. Remember: TV time is not family time. A short walk outdoor walk is a great idea too. Such ‘together time’ will refresh your child’s mind before s/he returns to the next round of study. And before you end the day, hug your child and say something inspiring and motivating, such as: ‘You are a winner, you will sail through’ or ‘I see you working hard. You are doing great.’

Readjust your schedule: Show support towards your child by shifting your social engagements as per your child’s schedule. If some events require your presence, ask your spouse to stay back. Your child may not express it but your presence is reassuring for your child. 

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Disclaimer: This blog is a special initiative to support parents in helping their child during exam time: Bano exam ready powered by Horlicks.

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| Feb 13, 2020

Very thoughtful

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| Mar 05, 2017

wow,this blog is motivational for parents

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| Mar 02, 2017

I am sweety sinha. this blog is really helpful for me. since some days I didn't understand that how should I tackle exam's pressure for my Son and to some extent for me .but now I will handle it. Thanks

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| Feb 28, 2017

Hi Swapna, it is indeed an interesting read. Thanks for sharing this.

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| Feb 28, 2017

Nice read, it's very important to spend time with your family!

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