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4 Heathy Alternatives to Milk

Varishu Pant
3 to 7 years

Created by Varishu Pant
Updated on Jul 12, 2018

4 Heathy Alternatives to Milk
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Do you struggle to get your child to finish his daily quota of milk? Yes, milk does provide a wide range of nutrients like proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals but that doesn’t mean that this glass of milk is the end-all to your child's nutrition. There are alternatives to milk which are comparable to its nutritional strength. View this video to know these alternatives to milk for your child

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| Jul 18, 2019

My Daughter is 22 months old, she is a very fussy eater. I always struggle with her eating habits. She only eats mashed food, She has good amounts of teeth but she does know to chew but only swallow her food. As a working mother, I have to leave her with her caretaker. And Her eating rituals are becoming more worse. I am really worried, please suggest!!! 😔😔

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| Jul 18, 2019


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