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7 Healthy milk alternatives

Puja Sharma Vasisht
3 to 7 years

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7 Healthy milk alternatives

Making your child finish a glass of milk is quiet a task for most of the mothers. Yes, milk does provide a wide range of nutrients like proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals but that doesn’t mean that the glass of milk is not negotiable. There can be other alternatives to milk which are comparable to its nutritional strength.

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Sonal Gaurav Tapdia

| Sep 15, 2017

Is buttermilk an alternative option to milk???

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suman sharma

| Mar 27, 2017

my son is very chusay he can't eat properly. I don't know what to do?

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| Mar 20, 2017

hii.. Madhvi u can give her 1/2 spoon water daily.. bt it should be boiled..

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madhavi singh

| Mar 17, 2017

Hii all can I feed little water to my 6th month baby as the summer is coming please give advice

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| Mar 16, 2017

Thanks for sharing. ...I'll try all the alternative also

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| Mar 12, 2017

Except cheese every other option is good. Tough cheese is good ,it also contains extra salt which is not advisable for kids. Occasionally its OK,but we cannot include it in our daily diet. Other ideas are really good.

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Meenakshi Nithya

| Oct 26, 2016

Good idea

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Dipti Bhardwaj

| Sep 10, 2016

Thanx for nice options but try to give milk habit to child. My son was not drinking bt my conti.. effort made him comfortable. Beginning i started with very small quantity . ☺

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pratibha sharma

| Aug 30, 2016

thanks for sharing

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Shabana Anjum

| Aug 04, 2016

I had read somewhere that children should not be given cheese in more quantity, it makes them stubborn... : (

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| Jul 17, 2016

very useful info.. ,tq

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Deepthi Santosh

| Jun 19, 2016

good article. .useful who drink milk also

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| Jun 02, 2016

Thanks, the options are good. Even for those who happily drink milk.

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