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Air Conditioners Or Coolers For Your Newborn : Are They Safe?

Cheena M Gujral
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Created by Cheena M Gujral
Updated on Apr 22, 2018

Air Conditioners Or Coolers For Your Newborn Are They Safe

Newborns are extremely delicate so as a parent, we have to be very cautious with the most regular things using with them. Similar happens with keeping them safe in the hot and humid summers. Most of us are always in dilemma for opting an air conditioning or air cooler for the tiny chirps. If an age long experience, explains not to use ACs with newborns, there are many friends to suggest avoiding coolers too.

Very true, deciding upon what to accept is always full of apprehensions. So lets be familiar in details about their use and misuses.

The newborn babies are not able to regulate their body temperature like adults. So it become essential for adults to keep monitoring the right temperature for them. Too hot or too cold, both states are uncomfortable.

How Hot & Humidity/ Too Cold Impacts

If it's hot and humid, then the babies tend to catch following things...

  1. Rashes
  2. Itching
  3. Heat strokes

and if its too cold, they are prone to

  1. Cold and chills
  2. Frequent fevers
  3. Sore throat and cough

In a way, the wise use of cooling device is highly seeked with babies...

How Does A Cooler And Air Conditioner Works?


They work on the fundamental of evaporation, were hot air passes through wet pads to give cool breeze. They cause humidity so always keep a door or window open to regulate the moisture.

Air Conditioners:

These operate on the principle of refrigeration where the gas compression works and keep the room cold. They maintains the temperature well in boundary and act as dehumidifier also.

Which Is Better For The Newborn, ACs Or Coolers?

As per my understanding and experience, it is more suitable to use air conditioner if available over coolers.

  1. Air conditioners act as good temperature regulator. It equally cools the entire room while coolers blast the air to a specific area
  2. AC prevents the humidity levels while coolers may increase the humidity in room which makes baby uncomfortable
  3. Ac could be used in monsoons as well, due to dehumidifying character while coolers are complete no with babies in monsoon
  4. Air conditioners are helpful in maintaining good quality of pure air( new age disinfecting conditioners) unlike coolers which are threat to mosquitoes and dust

Are The Cooling Machines Safe For Newborns?

All the benefits cannot certify use of air conditioners, unconditionally. One has to be alert with their excessive use. Some checkpoints with machines are:

  1. Never use them directly for an air blast over baby
  2. Both the coolers and conditioners need to be well maintained and serviced to avoid moulds growth, dust and infections
  3. Avoid sticking to basic hand fans or ceiling fans when it is not much required

Using coolers can also be recommended where ACs are not readily available through a higher level of awareness is required. Please look out for these things before you judge it to be hot or cold for your angel.

  1. Keep your baby with thin layer of clothes to avoid extra chill. They shall always wear an extra layer than you
  2. Other ways of keeping baby cool is using floor mats and keeping a water full bowl in room to sustain the moisture levels
  3. Airless and closed rooms are not safe for a newborn. Keep them ventilated
  4. Keep monitoring temperatures as the nights are generally cooler than days. Sticking to 23 to 26 degrees is healthy for a baby
  5. Take out your child to open and fresh air in evening
  6. Keep the curtains clean and use them to block heat during day
  7. Preferably check neck and chest of your baby over just feet and hands, to regulate their actual body temperature

Whatever method suits you, if a baby sleeps comfortably, there is nothing much a mother can ask for. Happy summer and healthy cooling!

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| Jun 02, 2018

V useful n good tips for newborn babies

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| May 25, 2018

I keep it 22 -26degrees according to the temperature outside and cover the baby well. My baby sleeps sound.

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| May 25, 2018


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| May 22, 2018

Useful info thank u ☺

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| May 20, 2018

Hi diksha.... same implies for mothers too. Of course they can regulate body temperature unlike newborns, still they need to be protected form high and low both temperatures. Use Ac with 26degrees.

  • Report

| May 17, 2018

It is very useful.. but I want to know for newly mom also.. I have heard that or ceiling fan air is not good for mother also... at what temperature one should use ac

  • Report

| May 14, 2018

Very useful article thanks

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| May 12, 2018

Very useful article... Being a mom of a 8days old kid I was not sure whether to keep him in an air conditioned room. Thanks to this article, I now know what to do...

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| May 08, 2018

Lovely article. .. Actually I was very confused whether to switch on my Ac for my new born angle. ... Thanks for the information

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| May 07, 2018

This article is really useful for me as m recently blessed with a baby.... so i was bit confused of using air condition.... thanks for this article..

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| May 03, 2018

Lovely article and it is so useful for us

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| Apr 25, 2018

Hi Somi .. there could be other reasons like high fan speed or mlre cooler room. Try using fan at lower speed with ac to spread the cool wisely. Once the desired temp is reachd.... ac will be cut off or switch it off. You can keep the temp even high as per your babies suitabilty

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| Apr 25, 2018

Juhi it depends how you manage the cooler. As suggested in blog, keep it clean, avoid direct air and keep room well ventilated. Coolers could be equally good.

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| Apr 24, 2018

My baby gets stuffy nose in the morning?why it happens ? Is it due to AC ?? We keep the temperature between 26 to 30..

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| Apr 24, 2018

excellent tips..

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| Apr 23, 2018

my bavy is 6 mnth old cooler safe for him???

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