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Tips to Make Homemade Baby Shampoo

Faraz Mohammad Khan
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Created by Faraz Mohammad Khan
Updated on Sep 12, 2021

Tips to Make Homemade Baby Shampoo
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Bathing your newborn baby is one of the best times to bond and enjoy with your little one. With running warm water, fragnances and your baby chuckling while you apply baby shampoo onto their hair and body, it is surely a heartwarming experience.

However, due to the slew of baby products available in today's market, it requires due diligence to make sure what is best for your baby. Most of the commercial baby shampoo products available in the market contain chemicals and other toxins. Moreover, many products under the 'natural/organic' label contain added preservatives and fragrances. These products also tend to be expensive and don't always justify their price tag.

Fortunately, making a natural homemade baby shampoo is easy and way cheaper than market products.

What You Will Need

          Homemade Baby Shampoo Ingredient
Ingredient Quantity
Liquid Castile Soap 1 Cup
Water 1 Cup
Coconut Oil 1-2 Tablespoon
Essential oil, Preferably lavender 10-15 drops
Vegetable glycerin (optional) 1 Teaspoon

About The Ingredients

  • Castile soap is based of natural vegetable based soap while greatly differs from toxic store self soaps. It is gentle enough to be used on baby skin yet cleans skin effectively
  • Coconut/Almond oil acts as a natural moisturizer
  • Lavender essential oil works to soothe your kiddo's skin and add that pleasent fragnance to the shampoo
  • Vegetable glycerin adds thicker consistency to the mix allowing it lather well. More bubbles for that baby friendly bath!

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  • Add water in a plastic jar or soap dispenser. Pour the liquid castile soap and mix well
  • Up next, add glycerin and essential oil. Mix well
  • Done!


  • Add water to the jar before castile soap to avoid bubbling
  • Use fractionated coconut oil. It retains liquid state despite temperature. It won't clog your drain in winters!
  • Be light handed with coconut oil, excess of it may leave your baby's hair greasy
  • Water based products without a preservative usually run the risk of introducing bacteria. Therefore, try to use it quickly

How To Use

  • Shake well before use. Preferably, use a small amount on wet washcloth or sponge.
  • Make sure to lather and rinse well. If not rinsed well enough, your baby can be left a bit greasy

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Benefits Of Homemade Baby Shampoo

  • It is more gentle, subtle and light. It only does what it is meant to do: clean your baby's hair and moisturize their scalp
  • It is great for the sensitive baby skin as it has no added chemicals or preservatives
  • The added essential oil is our secret sleepy ingredient. It helps your baby relax and sleep easy after that fun bath

With loads of friendly bubbles and warm fragnances from your Homemade baby shampoo, bath time is surely going to be pleasurable for the baby and for you!

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| Oct 05, 2018

Thanks for sharing this.. I have been wanting to make it at home.. Can you please share the link from where we can buy castile soap and vegetable glycerin?

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| Nov 14, 2018

This shampoo is free from any kind of chemical and we can keep our kids save from various kinds of reactions. Sharing more remedies on here is very good for our knowledge.

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| Mar 02, 2020

Here I am recommending you buy Softsens baby bath soap for more about this soap please visit

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| Apr 02, 2020

I am recommending you to use products as they are chemical free and pure. They are safe for babies

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| Apr 04, 2020

I m recommending u to use shampoo as they r chemical free and pure. they r safe for babies.

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| Sep 09, 2020

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| Sep 10, 2020

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| Mar 05, 2021

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us regarding baby shampoo. As we know the most delicate thing in this world is a baby's skin and to get protected from the skin this piece of knowledge will really help me out.

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| Oct 15, 2021

Thank you for sharing your expertise about baby shampoo with us. As we all know, a baby's skin is the most fragile thing in the world, and knowing how to preserve it will be extremely beneficial to me. super mario bros

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