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Myths with breastfeeding after a Cesarean delivery

Cheena M Gujral
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Created by Cheena M Gujral
Updated on Nov 08, 2020

Myths with breastfeeding after a Cesarean delivery
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There are endless myths associated with pregnancy and especially the C section. Suggestions are always floating around from everyone and they increase the level of anxiety in an already anxious mom.


I delivered my son through operation and I can completely relate to these misconceptions. I alsothought that C sections are always troublesome and it affects breastfeeding. From physical discomfort to the emotional disturbance, my head was overstuffed with half information on caesarean deliveries. 


"Gudia , you will be facing great problems after the operation. It would be painful sitting and breastfeeding, and you cannot even use medications, it will harm your health". 


This was one of my conversations with an aunt, who was with me during delivery. Nonetheless, I would never panic. I gradually learnt to manage with tummy stitches.


Whether you deliver naturally or with the procedure, few hardships are inevitable. But that does not mean we start considering them impossible.


Here I am talking about the most common Myths associated with breast feeding after delivery. 

1. C section makes breastfeeding harder


Breastfeeding is a learned behavior. Every mum struggles to achieve that right posture that is comfortable for her and the baby. However, in caesarean cases, a mother inclines to be more careful as she has stitches to take care. It is not at all hard to breastfeed if a mother:


  • Holds baby in the right position

  • Keeps a pillow below the baby for comfort.

  • Uses a breast pump to store milk.

  •  Feeds from alternate breasts.

  • Protects the nipples by applying moisturizers and essential oil for painless breastfeeding.


2. It delays the production of milk in the mother.


This is a complete myth that the C section, delays milk production in mother. It is just that, under the effect of anaesthesia, the mother needs a couple of hours to come out of medication impact and the baby is also sleepy. So they both take time to turn up and begin with breastfeeding, for the very first time.



3. Breastfeeding after the operation is always painful.


Delivering a baby with the operation is undoubtedly a sensitive procedure which ends up in incisions. It calls for some pain and much care for the stitches. However, the early days pass soon with less difficulty, if the mother opts out of some important tips like:


  • Looking out for side-lying breastfeeding. It is the best way as I too found it easy and simple. Lying on the side gives less pressure on the lower abdomen and it is also an easy catch for your baby.

  • Football holding position also helps mommy to smooth the feeding process.

  • Staying connected with the baby is the best emotional support for a mom.


4. Painkillers affect milk production and are not advisable for infants' health.


If you are in pain then taking medicines will actually help you recover fast and breastfeed with repose. There are many medicines which are safe to consume as prescribed by the doctor.

Even I saved myself from the pain of stitches and enjoyed my time with the baby without any side effects. Ultimately, the pleasure to breastfeed acts as a balm.


Nobody ever had a perfect breastfeeding period. It cannot be learnt overnight, it is an act to be acquired with time and practice.


 I have seen my cousin Neha growing fantastically as a mother. She learnt about the right postures and practices of breastfeeding from her doctor. She never hesitated in taking painkillers, prescribed safely by doctors. Her acceptance for an emergency C section was remarkable which never disturbed her emotional well being. Neha was smart enough to capitalize on her stay in the hospital by gathering the right information from staff and experts. Being in a nuclear family, and managing everything alone, she opted for breast pumps which gave her flexibility to feed.


Like she overcame her pain and discomforts, we all can manage too. So please never collapse in the trap of stress if you have a C sec. It's good to have the information handy, but it is equally important to understand the facts about them. 


Stay away from myths and listen to your heart. Enjoy the breastfeeding journey with your little one. .


This content has been checked & validated by Doctors and Experts of the parentune Expert panel. Our panel consists of Neonatologist, Gynecologist, Peadiatrician, Nutritionist, Child Counselor, Education & Learning Expert, Physiotherapist, Learning disability Expert and Developmental Pead.

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