Breastfeeding Moms: How To Maintain Hygiene?

Dr Reetika Inderjeet Juneja
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Updated on Jan 18, 2018

Breastfeeding Moms How To Maintain Hygiene

Latching, how to increase milk supply, even what nursing bra to buy – you've heard all the advice there is about breastfeeding. But how about hygiene? It's not very often that someone tells you about maintaining hygiene while nursing your child. But a thorough hygiene routine is absolutely essential to ensure that both baby and mama stay healthy through the nursing period. Read on to find out tips on maintaining hygiene while breastfeeding.

Tips To Maintain Hygiene While Breastfeeding

While it is a known fact that your milk protects your baby from all the viruses and diseases that may try to harm him or her, breastfeeding also helps the mother. When your baby is ready for her feed, it is natural that your first thought is to just feed her, no matter what. But just take a moment to ensure that a hygiene routine is followed so that your baby and you are protected from all the possible diseases.

  1. Wash your hands before and after every feed: A basic, yet important thing to do – washing hands thoroughly is the first step to ensuring hygiene. Whenever you're ready to feed your baby ensure to wash your hands with a good hand wash or sanitize them to prevent the germs transfer from your hands to your baby
  2. Cleanliness and adequate ventilation: Keep the room where you breastfeed well ventilated and clean.
    1. Dishes with stale food still lying around the room, layers of dust, unwashed clothes – it's easy for a room to get dirty and cluttered, especially when there are more important tasks to take care of
    2. But a clean, airy room is a basic necessity before you feed your baby
    3. Germs from all these items can easily make you and your baby sick, so get help and clean up before you feed
  3. Wear loose comfortable clothes: New born babies need to be fed on demand during the day, as well as through the night.
    1. Working complex buttons or zippers each time you need to feed your child will prove frustrating
    2. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes that are breastfeeding friendly to avoid discomfort
    3. You can try nursing tops and nightclothes, or even regular clothes that don't have too many buttons and zippers
  4. Keep spare nursing bras: This doesn't mean that you have to stock up on nursing bras to keep changing them daily. But yes, having another one while one is in the laundry will certainly help maintain good hygiene
  5. Tie your hair: With long hair, you're better off tying it up in a high bun or a pony tail that doesn't fall in front when you're feeding your baby. This way, the hair won't get in the way, and your baby won't ingest stray strands of hair
  6. Changing sheets frequently: It's quite easy to forget to change bed sheets regularly. But bed sheets can become a hotbed for germs when unwashed for long.
    1. Newborn babies have immature immune systems, making them susceptible to catching infections easily
    2. Make sure you change bed sheets once in a few days. Add a little antiseptic liquid in the rinse cycle when you're washing the sheets
  7. Moisturize your nipple with breast milk: While feeding your breast milk is the best medicine for you when it comes to nipple soreness, to clean baby's saliva or any other particle from your nipple use your breast milk.
    1. When you are done with feeding your baby just pump 2-3 drops of your breast milk and rub over your nipple and let it air dry.
    2. This protects your nipples from all sorts of cuts, bruises or pain.
  8. Change the breast pads frequently: If you are using breast pads to prevent leakage stain over your clothes then it is better to change the breast pad every time you feel wet. This will help prevent infections

Breastfeeding is a physically and emotional exacting journey for a new mother. Little things such as maintaining good hygiene will go a long way in making it a fulfilling experience. Happy parenting!

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| Dec 10, 2017

thank you Dr Dr Reetika Inderjeet Juneja

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| Dec 09, 2017

Hi Udayasri. Try to check few points 1. if baby is able to latch properly or not. 2. If u getting sufficient milk supply to fulfil babies demand. Sometimes what happens is baby is not able to latch properly and sometime smile production is low due to which not getting proper milk. Baby thak jata h aur feed lena chod deta hai. But vo bhuka hota h islie rota hai. Ek baar me ek side se nahi le pati puri feed to jab ek side se chod de to dusri side se try kare. Bhuk lagi hogi to dubara baby feed legi. Still tab b agar baby ki tummy fill nahi hoti to 30-40min k gap k bad use formula milk de. Agar latching ki problem h to aap breast pumps use kar sakte h.

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| Dec 09, 2017

hi am udayasri and new to mother world. I don't have sufficient breast milk to feed my baby. she didn't took my milk from day 1. now she started to take my milk but after feeding my milk, she started crying. plz anyone help me with this situation, How to feed my baby

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| Dec 07, 2017

nice info

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| Nov 18, 2017

amazing tips for nursing mothers! maintaining hygiene is very important for protecting babies from all infections keeping in mind their low immunity levels. thanks for sharing!!!

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