Can You Breastfeed During Pregnancy?

Vandana Chawla
0 to 1 years

Created by Vandana Chawla
Updated on Sep 14, 2020

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When it comes to deciding whether to breastfeed your baby or not, the answer is clearly in favor of breastfeeding. Experts, multiple studies, researches and even mothers themselves agree to the many benefits of breastfeeding their little one. Breast milk is a complete nutritional food for the baby and boosts immunity, helps in development and growth of the child, and also helps in the mother-and-child bonding.

But when the mother expecting, what then? Should a mother continue to breastfeed ? Watch the video as Lactaion Expert Vandana Chawla explains in the video.

Watch the complete video Why You Should Continue Breastfeeding?

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