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Chicken Pox in Babies – Causes, Prevention, Treatment Tips & Remedies

Cheena M Gujral
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Updated on Mar 26, 2021

Chicken Pox in Babies Causes Prevention Treatment Tips Remedies
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Generally a baby gets antibodies from her mother's womb and is rarely affected by chickenpox disease, which is a viral infection, characteristics with itchy rashes. Though to a misfortune, my son got badly infected with varicella virus when he was just 8 months and the illness trapped me also, being highly contagious. We both were in sheer discomfort which made the recovery even more painful. So here I am sharing quick tips on chicken pox and its treatment.

Stages Of Chickenpox

  • Chickenpox varicella starts as an itchy rash which oozes out as small red bumps and sooner turns into clear fluid filled blisters on pink base and eventually develops into brown crust
  • The initial rash appears mainly over face, trunk or scalp with redness
  • The first blister appears after 10 to 14 days of exposure to virus

What Are The Causes Of Chickenpox?

It is highly transmissible disease that spreads from person to person via touch, sneeze and sharing common bedding or linens with infected persons.Sometimes direct contact with fluid from lesions,spreads disease into the family. Suggest Reading: How to differentiate Chicken Pox & Measles ?

Symptoms Of Chickenpox In Babies & Adults

Since the first red rash over face indicates the chicken pox contagion, there are many other signs which can confirm the disease. Main signs are:

  • Reddish pustules with itchiness and irritation in babies
  • Running nose, fever and mild cough could appear as symptom after exposure to the virus
  • Tiredness and fatigue can be seen in active cheerful babies
  • Stiff neck and greenish discharge could be a symptom to look for in infected child

The above mentioned symptoms mainly lasts from 5 to 10 days in babies after their exposure to the varicella virus.

Chicken Pox Prevention in Babies

There is less in treatment for chicken pox and more to do with prevention. Staying cautious and aware, can help managing chicken pox quite effectively.

  • Always look for specific symptoms and seek medical advice
  • Vaccination for varicella is readily available and highly recommended for babies. It comes in 2 doses; 1st dose at 12 to 15 months 2nd dose at 4 to 6 years

The vaccination is bundled with measles, mumps and rubella, is known as MMRV. In 98 percent cases, vaccination works as a prevention for babies against chickenpox.

What Is The Treatment Of Chickenpox?

Chicken pox has little or no kind of treatment. Many parents believe that first exposure to virus help child build self immunity against disease for life term. But yes, treatments are available for severe cases.

  • Antibiotics like acyclovir may be recommended by medical persons
  • Painkillers and right paracetamol doses are also advised to low down fever
  • Antihistamines or anti allergics to be given to babies which help in reducing itchiness

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Chicken Pox Remedies for Your Infants

Home remedies are highly beneficial in babies who cannot be administered with medicines and harmful chemicals i.e. chicken pox...

  • Keep the nails trimmed in babies to avoid any lesions due to scratching
  • Adding baking soda to bathing water helps soothing redness and irritation
  • Apply cool towel on lesions for easing the discomfort
  • Calamine lotion and soaked oatmeals are good homemade natural remedies
  • Avoiding diapers for few days really help in reducing blemishes
  • Keep washing rashes and lesions with water to avoid spread of virus
  • Neem leaves and neem water are good natural antibacterials in chicken pox


Chicken pox in infants is more of a nuisance than a threat. It is rarely lethal but definitely seek right approach in treatment and preventions. So staying alert and proactive is best way to deal this itchy pox. 

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| May 16, 2018

very useful insights. thanks for sharing.. really prevention is better than cure .

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| Feb 28, 2020

How can I avoid this chickenpox on my baby because she is 9month old & one of my neighbour's child is having it & he love to stay around my baby?

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