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Chicken Pox: treatments and precautions -- a mother's experience!

Krishnakali Basu
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Chicken Pox treatments and precautions a mothers experience

Chicken-pox is a common ailment to affect children and adults alike, particularly in the months of March and April. A mommy blogger shares her experience on how she dealt with the infection when both she, and her husband, got infected.

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krishnakali basu

| Apr 21, 2016

Yes it's a myth

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neha singh

| Mar 20, 2016

People says that we should not make vegetables at home when anyone is infected... is it myth or really we should not make vegetables??

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Nitika Shah

| Mar 17, 2016

Thanks for sharing this blog. as my daughter is suffering with mild chicken pox right now. your article is really helpful for me.

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