Can Sex in Pregnancy Cause Miscarriage? Trimester-wise Sex Positions

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Can Sex in Pregnancy Cause Miscarriage Trimester wise Sex Positions

Sex during normal days in India is considered a taboo subject to be talked out aloud. And when it comes to pregnancy, most couples due to lack of proper knowledge refrain from it altogether, lest, they hurt their unborn child and or create complications in the pregnancy. However, through our blog on sex during pregnancy we would like to clear some myths and bring you some easy and comfortable positions that you can enjoy with your husband throughout the pregnancy.

But before that let’s clear some of your basic doubts and answer a few basic queries that keep plaguing your mind with regards to lovemaking during pregnancy. So here you go...

Is It Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy?

If you are having a low risk, normal pregnancy, it is fine to go with your mood. Following the right postures and precautions will help you have a healthy sex life during pregnancy.

Note: Pregnancies without any previous miscarriage, bleeding or complications are categorized as normal pregnancies. Please refer your midwife or gynecologist to understand better.

Will Sex Harm My Unborn Baby In Any Way?

At the time of intercourse, the male genitals never go beyond the vagina, and the baby is safely ensconced in a thick mucus amniotic bag in the uterus. So you don’t need to worry about intercourse harming the foetus. Expecting fathers, too, have this common concern. They worry that they will bring harm to their partner and unborn child. Rest easy, because this isn’t the case.

Can Sex During Pregnancy Cause Miscarriage?

Yes, excess of pressure can cause discomfort and pain to the mother, but it doesn’t have any direct impact on the baby. Sex in pregnancy does not play a role in miscarriage or pose any threat to the unborn child.

When Is Love-Making Not Advisable in Pregnancy?

Abstinence from love-making is sometimes advised during the first trimester and during the last four weeks of pregnancy. This is mainly to avoid any genital infections and for the general safety for mother and unborn baby.

What Are Some Comfortable Sex Positions During Pregnancy?

An expectant mother seeking physical pleasure is absolutely normal. However, keep in mind that with the changing body, some sex positions may not be as comfortable now as they were before. Here are some best sex positions you can try-

  1. The good old missionary: While this isn’t the ideal position during pregnancy if you want to try it, wedge a pillow to support your belly. It will provide some cushioning and support
  2. Side by side with an angel: Lie on your side facing your partner and your legs over his hips. Let your partner face you for better posturing
  3. Woman on the top: This is the safest posture to keep your belly comfortable. Lie over your partner and indulge in some foreplay
  4. On the bed edge: You can lie on your back on the bed edge safely. This will avoid any direct pressure on the tummy
  5. Side by side from behind: Both partners can lay on their sides with your partner facing your back
  6. Chair Play: Ask your partner to sit on a chair and you can lean on him safely. Put the chair close to the wall so you have some support if required

Sex Positions In The First Trimester

Here are some specific sex positions you can try during the first trimester. It is important to note here that as long as your pregnancy is progressing normally you can enjoy lovemaking in all the above-mentioned positions in your first trimester. In the later stage, as your pregnancy progresses the growing tummy will make it a tad difficult to try certain positions. Here are the two sex positions you can try during the first trimester.

  1. Scissors: Scissors are a position wherein you can just lie back and enjoy some great lovemaking, as the position requires quite a little effort from your part and the man has to make all the effort. So both of you lie down side by side. Once comfortable your husband supports your top leg on his shoulder while straddling your bottom leg and entering you. It is advisable to use some pillows to support your belly while he enters into you
  2. Edge-of-couch missionary: A different take on the good old missionary position, edge-of-couch missionary lets you relax and lets the husband do all the work. However, it is advised to wedge a pillow (even in this one) so that your belly is supported. Though a good position in the first trimester, this position should not be practiced from week 20


Sex Positions In The Second Trimester

With a slightly grown belly, you can try either of these two positions to keep enjoying the lovemaking with your spouse.

  1. Doggy Style: Doggy style position requires a woman to go on all fours and the husband enters from the back. The position is considered safe because it does not put pressure on your growing belly and you can still enjoy some great lovemaking. However, if there is discomfiture in your back due to this position it is advisable to try some other position
  2. LeapFrog: Leapfrog position is another position that allows penetration from the back and this is a position if you are too tired to be all on your fours. You can lie on your belly and just lift your pelvis so that there is an easy entry for your husband. You can always use some pillows to support your belly and arms in this position

Sex Positions In The Third Trimester

Making love in the third trimester can be really tricky as your belly is quite huge and your doctor may advise you against lying on your back as that may put some pressure on the blood vessels in your back. But there you are feeling horny and in a mood for some great sex. So here you go gal and enjoy some intimate lovemaking sessions with your hubby before the baby is born.

  1. Spooning: Considered one of the comfortable positions during late pregnancy, a spooning position requires you both to lie side by side with your back towards him. Spooning is one of the most intimate positions as it ensures complete contact with your husband’s body. The husband enters from behind and takes you on the rides of pleasure while ensuring that he is not hurting the unborn baby or you for that matter
  2. Reverse cow style: A little tiring for you, practice this position only when you are relaxed and fresh as this is one position that requires maximum efforts from you rather than your husband. A variation on cow style position, in this one your husband is flat on his back and you are on top thus allowing you to control the penetration and the momentum as well

Can Sex Trigger Labour?

Sex or an orgasm cannot trigger labor in a normal, low-risk pregnancy. While some mild uterine contractions can occur with an orgasm, these are harmless and will not induce labour.

If you feel any discomfort, then take a break and refrain from indulging.

Precautions When Having Sex While Pregnant

Sex with the mutual consent of both partners can be fun and healthy. Talk to your partner if you have any concerns. If you don’t feel like doing specific things, talk about it. Nothing works better than communication! Take simple precautions to make your experience pleasurable.

  1. Don’t use any scented lubricants or flavored condoms, as these may trigger itching or allergic reactions
  2. Avoid using oils and sprays, as they may cause infections in the vaginal tract

Should I Consult My Gynaecologist Before Indulging in Sex During Pregnancy?

If you have vaginal bleeding or have a history of miscarriage, placenta previa (low-lying placenta), sexually transmitted diseases (STD), premature labor, or genital infections, then definitely speak to your gynecologist before you consider having sex. She will offer advice based on your specific case about precautions to be taken, or, if necessary, suggest abstinence.

With some simple precautions, sex during pregnancy can be fun and healthy for both partners. It can help you stay connected with each other when your little world is about to change dramatically with the arrival of your little one.


Have you had misgivings about sex during pregnancy? How did you overcome your anxieties? Tell us in the comments section!

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