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Coping With Heat In Pregnancy


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Updated on Jun 05, 2022

Coping With Heat In Pregnancy
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During pregnancy there are several factors why heat is generated in the body or why there is a raise in the body temperature. Hormonal fluctuations is one of the primary reasons. The Estrogen hormone soars when one is expecting, which leads to higher body heat. A decrease in the estrogen hormone increases the stress levels which again increases body heat. Moving around with a baby bump, increased blood supply to the body because of another little life growing inside it, are some other reasons why we feel hot during pregnancy. The summer months can also be a cause of making the body feel sweaty and hot during pregnancy.

Too much body heat makes us restless throughout the day as well as at night.

There are several ways to maintain a good body temperature, during pregnancy, which is between 36.5 to 37.5 degree Celsius. Some of them are as below, which have no side effects on the foetus.

  1. Drinking plenty of fluids like water, coconut water and fresh juices enable the body to stay hydrated all the time. Dehydration is more likely to occur in the summer months. Pregnant women are more susceptible because their bodies have higher demand for fluids
  2. Eating fruits and vegetables with high water content like watermelon and cucumber help keep the body cool
  3. Drinking buttermilk / lassi / chaach is also good for lowering body heat. These drinks being probiotic in nature also help the digestive system
  4. Bananas contain potassium which is a great cooling agent for the body. Having bananas helps reduce body heat naturally
  5. Dipping hands and feet in cold water also considerably reduces body heat
  6. Taking frequent showers is a good way to cool down
  7. Wearing loose and comfortable cotton or linen clothes and comfortable shoes prevent the body from overheating
  8. Keeping the head cool also makes one stay comfortable. For e.g. long hair can be tied into a bun or braided. A cold head oil massage also works wonders to keep the head and body cool
  9. Spraying the face and back of the neck with rose water gives a fresh and cool feeling not only to the face but to the entire body
  10. Avoiding saunas and steam baths will prevent body temperature from soaring. Taking a dip in a cool pool is a great idea
  11. Pregnant women should take care to not exercise for more than 45 minutes at a stretch and stick to simple exercises and walks instead of anything strenuous
  12. Maintaining a healthy body weight is again key to having a balanced body temperature
  13. Keeping the home cool and maintaining a cool temperature inside the house also helps to cope with body heat

A higher body temperature of a pregnant woman in the 1st and 2nd trimesters leads to an increased chance of birth defects in a baby. It is always advisable to discuss any concerns immediately with the doctor.

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| Jul 07, 2020

Your article has brought a lot of useful information for me, thanks for the great sharing. I will often follow up with your next posts, so please keep providing such useful information.

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| Jan 20, 2021

Pregnancy Music

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| Apr 16, 2021

My baby was 8 days old & he getting a full heating of body in face also getting a heating

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