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How EWS/DG Parents Register & Apply Online in Delhi Nursery School Admission 2019 ?

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How EWSDG Parents Register Apply Online in Delhi Nursery School Admission 2019

Air pollution in Delhi is for sure hitting the headlines. Where the smoke has choked the fresh air, the fear of nursery admissions is also going to wrap the parents. And when December is around the corner, the anxiety soars high for them. DOE (Delhi Directorate of Education ) is managing the admission system in the capital. It continuously works for improving the education system and that's why has introduced “ online nursery admission” process. 

Delhi Nursery School Admission through EWS/DG Category

With the orders from DOE, every private or govt aided school shall reserve the seats for some special segments in a society like

  • EWS( Economically weaker section), which hold parents earning less than 1,00,000 per annum.

  • Disadvantaged category (DG) or people belonging to schedule caste, disadvantages.

Delhi govt has reserved 25% seats for them in private schools and RTE allow every child to seek admission in his or her neighborhood school under reserved category. The admission forms can be easily availed from the school reception and submitted offline. No extra fee can be demanded from EWS/DG, however, help desks are available for their help in schools and localities. [Explore Nursery School Admissions in Bangalore, Karnataka]

Admission Procedure for Nursery Admissions

  • The school shall display the number of seats available for admission under different categories like general, EWS, Disadvantaged etc.

  • Schools can opt any way to release the seat information and the admission forms. They can go for online, offline or both the methods.

  • Parents shall fill the admission form for the desired schools and submit it as per the norms described by the school.

  • The receipt of acknowledgment shall be provided to parents for the form submitted, with a registration number for further correspondence.

  • If the applications for admission are in excess, then school shall opt the “draw of lots” to choose the admission applicants.

  • The procedure of the lottery system, shall be transparent and conducted in presence of school staff and parents. It should be recorded for keeping clarity.

  • Thereafter, the screening process is conducted by the school to finalize the admittance after verifying the original documents.

EWS/DG Category Admission Forms Availability:

They are available offline( at school reception or online) or some schools select both means. For the EWS, category forms are available on the counters. Parents can get all details over the counter or with DOE department. [Must Check Expert's Video on FAQs on Nursery Admissions 2019]


Point System: ( Open Categories)

These days, schools are relying on a point system to have better transparency in admission. These points are allocated to the applicant child, on the various parameters like

  • Neighborhood. For example 0 to 8 km aerial distance between school and residential address gives approx 70-80 points.

  • Sibling quota fetches 20 points to a child having a sibling in the same school.

  • Alumni may draw 5 points.

  • The girl child is given 5 points, as per girl child parameter.

  • The first child is also a criterion for a few schools.

NOTE: The above parameters may change from school to school. Also check, that the information regarding parents dietary practices is irrelevant to the admission criteria.


Age limit for Gen/EWS/DG Category:

The criteria of maximum and the minimum age to seek admission in preschool, ( nursery, preparatory/Kg and 1st class) are fixed by the Supreme Court. They shall be minimum 3+, 4+and 5 + years as on 31st March 2019, for the respective classes. As if, no maximum age limit has been set by the court.


Available Surery Seats at Entry level:

A school shall open not less than the maximum seats available for admissions in last 3 academic years. The seats are reserved for EWS(25%) disadvantaged, minority, girl child and staff,as per the govt norms.


Fees & Information EWS/DG Category

The only registration fee of Rs 25, shall be charged by the school for the admission form. The purchase of prospectus from school is not mandatory, though it can be offered for sale.  

Documents Required

  • For EWS, parents shall be ready with the income certificate. Those who have a copy of BPL/AAY/ food security card cannot be asked for income proof.

  • Aadhar card of any single parent is required.

  • Proof of residence is required and it could be Telephone bill, electricity bill, ration card, voters card.

  • Birth certificate of the applicant is highly important.

  • Certificate of disadvantage in case of relevant quota.

  • First child or girl child document is also required if the applicant is eligible for the same.

  • Medical certificates are also asked from some schools.


NOTE: Supreme Court has not compulsory the Aadhar card of a child yet. Though few schools may ask for the same or domicile.


Dates for Nursery Admissions 2019-20 (Gen/EWS/ DG) Category

Here is the information about nursery school admissions for EWS/DG category. These are tentative dates but will update actual dates schedule. We request you all parents, keep checking the website for actual dates.   

Admission Events Dates
Uploading of dates & details of open seats by the school from 2nd week of January 2019
Taking suggestions from school by a team set at zonal levels 3rd week of January 2019
The opening of the online module for filling the admission registration form 3rd week of January 2019
Last date to submit the online application forms 3rd week of Feb 2019
Date of the draw of lots 2nd week of March 2019
Date of draw 3rd week of March 2019


As per the DOE, the forms this year will start in January and the link for all the details will be available on their website along with the websites of respective schools. For more refer their website 


Quick Dos & Don't During Nursery Admission Sessions

  • Stay updated with all the information online, offline keeping track on websites. You can join various online groups and communities of applicant parents.

  • Try to apply in a couple of schools to be more lucky with your choice of schools.

  • Submit the forms carefully and on time to stay eligible for best schools. As computerized forms may be rejected due to filling errors which cannot be reapplied with similar applicant details.

  • Keep your documents ready for no last hour rush.( Preferably scanned photos of both parents and applicant, birth certificate with size up to 100 kb) in case of online submissions.

  • Registration number provided by the school shall be reserved for all future references.

  • Presence of parent at the time of draw is not going to add advantage to the applicant. Though it is helpful to stay in touch with the admission updates.


Wishing all parents and the young birds a safe and good admission take off.


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