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8 Activities to Engage Your Teenagers in Winter

7 to 11 years

Updated on Dec 23, 2019

8 Activities to Engage Your Teenagers in Winter
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Winter is knocking and the holiday bells have rung. Parents getting anxious about how to keep teenager busy during winters! Our nutty nuts will be elated to enjoy this new schedule, be under the wraps for a longer duration, toss around like bouncy balls, be glued to their choice of video games or their favourite TV show with the least tension of maintaining their school discipline. We as parents too love to be around the apple of our eyes but can’t we engage them in something more creative and make this long-awaited gift, more enjoyable for them. You need not scratch your heads of how to design their day. Implement the following activities. You will be pleased, more than thought along with them. [Read - 10 Brain Workout Games & Activities For Your Child]

Fun-Filled Winter Activities For Teenager Child

Only classroom learning is not enough to make your child a genius, something creative has to be brought in to get him/her going and make its occupation more meaningful. Most importantly, during their holidays and when it is a long break like winter then you need to give special attention to their new schedule. We can get them into marble painting, making of a bird feeder, life-size selfie painting, simple cooking, balloon volleyball, bull’s eye with a piece of sponge, and their likes.

  1. Marble Painting: You may have enjoyed tossing marbles, knocking one after another in your childhood. And at times must have been scolded for making that screeching sound. Least were you bothered and you went on for you knew nothing more creative like the following marble art, which is sure to open your child’s thought parachute and produce an art really unimaginable. All you have to do is provide him/her some glass marbles; 5-6 six shades of poster colours, presumably a shoebox and a poster sheet of the size of the bottom of the box. Place the cut sheet on the bottom inside the box, hand over the marbles, help the child dip them in the given colours, make them drop the glass balls inside the box any number of times. Having done it, cover the box with the lid, help them shake the box. Uncover the box and you will be amazed to what your child has produced
  2. Making of Bird Feeder: This is a good way to help the feathered friends to satiate their hunger and quench their thirst. Take a wide mouth plastic container, give your child a thick string and help him or her to tie it around the neck of the container, see to it that two loops are left out for hanging it on a ceiling or a high surface, ask your child to put some grains in it and then help him or her hang the bird feeder at such a place so that it is easily visible by the feathered guests. You can also help your child in placing an earthen pot containing water for the birds to sip a drop or two. Your child will definitely enjoy the making and will come close to nature in a creative way. [Read - Tips to Make Child's Bird Watching Experience Memorable]
  3. Lifesize Selfie: It is a good idea to give your child freedom of expression and a chance to explore. If possible, try procuring a giant size canvas or paste 6-8 canvas sheets by the sides to make it big. Then motivate him/her to lie down on the sheet with their hands and legs widespread or in a pose they would love to be in and then draw the outline. Ask your little wonder to move away, draw their eyes, nose and lips thereafter. Hand them a sizeable mirror for them to visualize their self easily, some colours to paint and a paintbrush
  4. Don The Chef’s Hat: Teaching your child to cook need not be that copybook type. It can be as simple as buttering bread slice, sprinkling sugar on a buttered chapatti. With the older ones, you can help them prepare a fruit salad and before that enable them to cut fruits with a non-sharp knife, they can be also taught to make cakes, muffins and so on. Your little chef will really delight you with its new making
  5. Volleyball with Balloons: Another way of engaging the apple of your eye in an enjoyable physical activity is to help him/her play balloon volleyball. At first string, your hallway with a rope or a piece of long cloth, blow two to three big balloons, invite some of their friends to join in and double the fun, place them in equal numbers on both sides, give them the balloons and ask the children to toss them by their palms. They’ll enjoy this craziness
  6. Bull’s Eye: This activity is good to be enjoyed in the open. Draw 4-5 big circles, write some numbers on each, make them stand at a distance and hand them a piece of sponge. Then ask them to throw the sponge on a certain number and reward the one who places the piece correctly. The jumping jacks will love the engagement
  7. Nature Book Making: Creating a nature book in which you ask your child to paste twigs, leaves, flowers, seeds and more. This way they will know nature and can come close to it. A habit that will last forever
  8. Scavenger Hunt: Go on a scavenger hunt with a list of items to be collected. Ask your child to collect them. When all are collected reward them.

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| Nov 16, 2017

excellent suggestions to keep our children occupied Moaiyed Pithewan ! thanks for sharing, would definitely try these with my kids during winter break.

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| Nov 17, 2017

thanks for sharing this blog

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| Nov 17, 2017

very helpful... will definitely try.

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| Nov 18, 2017

Very nice

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