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What Are Exam Time Snack Ideas For Teenager?

Urvashi Shah
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Updated on Feb 14, 2019

What Are Exam Time Snack Ideas For Teenager
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It is exam season already and your child must be trapped between exam preparations all day long. Juggling between examinations, preparations and catching up on proper sleep, eating healthy foods become a secondary option for children.

As parents, we often encourage our child to have healthy snacks as and when they manage to get some time between their preparations. We want our child to remain fit and healthy so he/she can concentrate better on the studies and score well.

What Are Good Snacks to Eat During Exam for Your Teens?

So here are a few healthy snack ideas for your child that he/she can gorge on during examination times in order to stay healthy and avoid any sort of health issues.

  • Yogurt: Yogurt contains a lot of health benefits and hence needs no introduction. This super food can be served to your child at least once a day in order to give him/her all the necessary kinds of nutrients and proteins to keep the brain running during the exam marathon.
  • Fruits: Fruits are the way to go if you want to ensure your child is having the right kind of proteins and nutrients during the exam hours. Children tend to skip meals at times as they want to remain focused on their studies which is why giving them fresh fruits as a form of healthy snack will procure them all the essential vitamins to keep them going through the exam season. But skipping meals is also not the right option to make sure your child regularly consumes his/her meals on time.
  • Hard-boiled eggs: Packed with proteins and omega 3, be ready to make your child’s brain healthy and strong by encouraging him/her to have this healthy snack at least once a day.

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  • Protein wraps: Your child will surely love cream cheese, hummus, lettuce, tomato and cucumbers wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla as a snack during the exam time. Do not make it large as your child will tend to get his/her stomach filled with it and might even avoid eating a regular meal.
  • Smoothie: Once again this amazing drink is on our list which will work wonders for your child during study time. Packed with delicious fruits, veggies, and milk, this health drink will supply the right kind of nutrients to your child to keep the brain working.
  • Nuts: Dry fruits are the best option to go for as a form of a healthy snack for your child while he/she is busy preparing for the tests. Almonds, cashews, pistachio and a lot more can be given to your child which he/she can munch on in between the study hours.

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  • Sandwich: Keeping the snacking light, simple and yet filling, the sandwich is the best food to opt for. You can stuff the sandwich with a lot of veggies that will prove to be healthy for your little one.


Keep in mind that all these snacks have to be in small amounts so that the regular meal isn’t compromised with. Since breaks are only for a couple of minutes, feed your child with these snacks which are light as an entire meal can only provoke sleepiness.

Preparing these snacks is also less time consuming and your child can finish it off quickly and get back to studies with a fresh mind in no time.

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