Natural Cold & Flu Home Remedies to Cope-up Better in Winter

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Natural Cold Flu Home Remedies to Cope up Better in Winter

Sore or scratchy throat, sneezing, running nose, nasal congestion, headache, watery eyes, body aches, and decreased appetite are a few of the signs and symptoms that might set in when a person suffers from the common cold. Since cold is caused by a virus, an antibiotic may not be the correct treatment. The best approach to face the common cold is to resort to simple home remedies for a soothing scratchy throat or clearing stuffy running nose.


Home Remedies To Fight Cold The Natural Way

Here are 12 home remedies to help you fight cold the natural way.

1. Intake Lots of Liquids & Hot Drinks:

Drinking lots of water, juices, hot beverages, and homemade soups help in keeping the body hydrated, throat moist and assists breaking congestion. Adequate hydration moisturizes lining of the nose and throat thereby easing mucous clearance. Alcoholic and caffeinated drinks should be avoided as these may cause further dehydration.

  • Hot beverages are very comforting and provide quick relief from various cold symptoms. Sinus secretions are also loosened by drinking hot beverages. Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants thereby facilitating a speedy recovery. Chicken and vegetable soups and broths are also very healthy and aid in boosting up immunity. 
  • Lemon, orange & Cranberry Juices are recommended by Doctors during cold and cough. These juices are rich in vitamins, essential nutrients, and antioxidants. They strengthen the immune system thereby enabling the patient to recover faster.
  • Kadha is a homemade herbal medicine which is prepared by boiling water by adding palm candies, grated ginger, cloves, cinnamon, basil leaves, black cardamom, and whole black peppercorns. The key is to boil to such an extent that the quantity of water is reduced to half by boiling consistently. The spices act together for clearing up sinuses and exerting antiviral effects.

2. Frequent Gargling: 

Gargling with warm water at least three to four times a day can be very relieving. It is best to add some salt to hot water and use the solution for gargling. This soothes a sore throat and helps in clearing mucus. Gargling also prevents infections of the upper respiratory tract.

3. Using Vaporiser:

Breathing in steam can be a great relief to the blocked nose. Holding head over a pot of boiling water or a vaporizer, covering oneself with a towel and breathing in some hot steam can be very comforting. This would loosen the stuffy nose and would also heal headaches.

4. Stay Relaxed and Rested:

It is best to keep oneself cozy in a blanket and rest for some time. Discomforts arising out of cold may be very taxing for the body, hence it is best to take good rest. Try sleeping on a slope by using pillows so that the nasal passage is relieved and one can sleep well.

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5. Use Humidifier:

A humidifier is a source of moisture to the air inside a room. It helps in keeping the nasal tissues and nose moist and prevents discomforts of dryness.

6. Saline Drops: 

Saline drops may be used for clearing the nasal cavity and promoting mucous drainage.

7. Honey-based Remedies:

Here are three honey-based recipes that are renowned to give immediate relief from a sore throat and cold and cough.

  • Honey Ginger Preparation: A mix of ginger juice and honey should be consumed at least three times a day. This mixture helps to comfort throat because of its inherent warmth and anti-inflammatory properties. Natural spiciness of shredded ginger or ginger paste helps in clearing nasal passage congestion and honey with its antiviral properties helps in healing.
  • Honey and Cinnamon Powder: Intake of a mixture of honey and cinnamon powder can be a great relief to a sore throat. The antioxidants of honey help in strengthening the immunity system thereby fighting against virus or bacteria causing cold.
  • Honey and Fenugreek Seeds (methi dana): A mixture prepared by boiling fenugreek seeds in water, straining the liquid, mixing it with honey and consuming it a couple of times may be very helpful. Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of this common household ingredient prove to be extremely beneficial.

8. Turmeric Milk for Relief:

A glass of milk boiled with a teaspoon of turmeric should be consumed at night before sleeping. Consumption of turmeric milk is an excellent home remedy to get rid of the common cold. Curcumin component present in turmeric possesses antioxidant and antibiotic properties

9. Baking Soda Mixed with Water:

A mixture of half a teaspoon of baking soda and a glass of water should be consumed at least two times a day. This component helps by restoring the PH balance of body fluids thereby creating an environment in which a virus cannot survive.

10. Apple Cedar Vinegar mixed with Lukewarm: 

Add apple cedar vinegar to a glass of warm water and drink this mixture two to three times a day. Apple cedar vinegar helps in restoring PH levels thereby creating an environment in which a virus cannot survive

12. Placing Palm Candy in the Mouth: 

Palm candies may be kept in the mouth and sucked upon. This helps in controlling acute cough and soothes the throat

12. A Cup of Yogurt:

It is a general belief that yogurt should not be consumed while suffering from the flu. Inflammation in the body can be reduced by the probiotics present in yogurt


These home remedies along with a healthy nutritious diet would help one to recover faster. 

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appreciate parentune

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| Jan 31, 2018

Is this kadha recipe safe for 2yrs 2 months old daughtr

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| Jan 20, 2018

can I use sugar on the turmeric milk?

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| Jan 20, 2018

very very useful information.. thank u

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| Jan 17, 2018

very useful information.... thank yo

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| Nov 17, 2017

very useful 4 me tq

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| Nov 16, 2017

very useful home remedies for cold ! I am sure these would prove to be really handy for mothers of infants whose immunity is still developing and 10 to 12 or even more episodes of cold are not uncommon..

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