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How to Approach Brain Teaser Questions & Benefits for Kids?

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How to Approach Brain Teaser Questions Benefits for Kids
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Everyone loves that feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment that they get after solving a brain teaser. It is very easy to understand intellectual jokes and other examples of its kind. However, riddles can take a bit longer to follow, and you may end up cracking your head for days just to get the answer.  If you are a brain teaser guru, then you have solved different types of brain teasers already. However, there are easy to solve and hard to solve brainteasers. A brain teaser is not a magical thing, and brain teasers have been in existence for thousands of years, and most early philosophers employed them in their talks.

A good example is a great mathematician called Archimedes, who invented the word 'eureka' and came up with math queries for his friends to find answers. These math problems imitated brain teasers. A majority of brain teasers require you to think outside the box or rather the thought process. You can check the time's answers to various crosswords to challenge your mind today. 

Brain Teasers & Riddles for Kids

Here are the top 3 Brain Teasers that are too difficult to solve. Let's try these.

 #1. Brain Teasers

So you are standing in a hallway. On the wall of the hallway, there are three switch lights. Each of these switch lights turns switches on a lamp that is inside another room. Therefore, there are three switches and each light, only one lamp. The bad thing is that you cannot view inside a room to know which bulb is on, but you can enter the room when all the bulbs are off. Another trick is that you only enter a room one time. Once you enter the room that one time, all lamps should be off. The question is, how will you know the switch that turns on a certain lamp?

When you read this brain teaser, you will realize that you require a lot of thinking to come up with the answer. Well, I am sure as you were reading, you already had some prospect answers in your mind. Well, let us see if you are right. The answer is that you will have to switch on one of the switches and leave it on for like two minutes.  After that, immediately turn on another switch and let it run for only a minute. When the one minute is over, ensure all switches are off and proceed to the room. You will realize that one bulb is hot (the first switch) and the other bulb will be warm (second switch). The bulb that remains cold is the one that you did not switch on. Well, did you get this, right?

#2. Brain Teasers

Imagine that you are driving a bus, whether it is a cross-country or a school bus. When you reach the first stop, two women board the bus. You continue driving, and when you reach the subsequent station, three more men board the bus and the two women that previously entered leave the bus. You are now approaching the third stop, and when you reach it, three children and their mothers board the bus and one man alights off. The bus has a green color, and outside there is a big storm. The question is, what is the color of the hair of the driver? 

When you start reading this riddle, I am sure that you already got a pen and a calculator trying to add and deduct the number of people boarding and alighting. However, you read until the end and discover that the answer does not even relate to numbers. You can scratch your head for hours wondering how the hell you could know the hair color of the driver. However, when you read slowly and attentively, you will discover that you are the driver, the teaser says: "imagine driving a bus." Therefore, the answer is the color of your hair because you are the driver. Note how the brain teaser has many details aimed at confusing you.

#3. Brain Teasers

Have you heard of Jimmy’s mother's brain teaser? Here is how it goes. There was once a young boy called Jimmy. The mother of Jimmy had given birth and taken care of a total of four children. However, it is unknown whether she was in a marriage or just a single mother. The name of one child is Monday. Later, a second child comes, and Jimmy's mother calls him or her on Tuesday. The third child is on Wednesday. So, what is the name of the last child? Source 

When you read this brain teaser, you start following that rhythm of the days of the week. So you end up imagining that all children were names using consecutive days of the week. I am sure most of you thought that the answer is Thursday. The shock on you, it is not. The answer is simple, and it is Jimmy. The teaser begins by there was once a boy named Jimmy, whose mother had four children in total. Since you have the names of the first three children, the last child is obviously Jimmy.

How to Approach Hard Brain Teaser Questions?

You can use the following tips to solve hard brain teasers.

Think about the question- do not just read the question quickly and give an answer right away. Take some time to consider what the question entails before you structure your answer. Brain Teasers always involve trick questions that require a lot of logic. Follow through logically- you will have to read the question more than once to get clarification. While following through logic, ensure you have a pen or paper to note down some important clues or facts that can help you to structure the answer. 

Benefits of Solving Hard Brain Teasers

Brain teasers are vital and can help to improve your cognitive function. The brain is neuroplastic, which means that it can change and shift over time. When you do brain teasers, you improve your mental fitness by exposing your brain to puzzles, which challenge your normal way of thinking. Therefore, brain teasers can help our mind to think in new ways and learn to solve other problems in life. [Read - 10 Brain Workout Games & Activities For Your Child]

Other benefits of brain teasers include increasing your memory power, boosting your brain activity, reducing boredom, decreasing the risk of dementia, enhancing brain processing speed and memory and improving concentration. Therefore, if you have not started yet, try to solve at least one brain teaser per day.

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