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How to make your child eat healthy?

Payal Girdher
3 to 7 years

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How to make your child eat healthy

Encouraging your children to eat healthy, not be fussy eaters and not waste food – can be quite challenging at times Proparent blogger Payal Girdher talks about ways to encourage healthy eating habits for our kids–the importance of being a positive role model, enjoying mealtimes as a family, not force feeding them, and some more tips. Read on…

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Shikha Singh

| Aug 31, 2017

very good article... but me and my husband gives a lecturer in waisteg , nutritional value.. but my kids not eating Veggies.. help please... in the last being very strict I M feeding them veggies... doesn't want to do this but not finding any option

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| Aug 16, 2017

I have noticed that most children do not want to eat green vegetables like ghia, tori, tinda etc. What should we do to make them eat those vegetables also?

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Haritha Siva Kumar

| Jul 10, 2017

My kid is 2years 4months old. He's not at all interested in having curd in any form. How do I make him habitual to curd? Please suggest.

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