How to Make Learn Solar System Model at Home?

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How to Make Learn Solar System Model at Home
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This weekend was a fun one, for our DIY or do it yourself was a big family activity! Usually, Jerry and Kiki are unable to do joint activities because of the 3 year age difference between them. So this week when I told them we would do something together, they looked at me quizzically.

DIY or Do-It-Yourself activities are more fun if the entire family is involved. A mother shares an interesting DIY activity that will teach you how you & your child can spend time together.

Making A Solar System Model for School Students At Home

The children share a room and have a wooden bunk bed. The plank beneath the upper bunk, which faces the lower bed is plain and unexciting. We constantly also have arguments on who will sleep on top as we have fairy lights just above the bed on top. So, we decided to give our lower bunk bed a makeover.

We created a solar system, complete with a handmade glow-in-the-dark sun and stars and 8 planets. Jerry had fun learning more about the planets and executing the larger plan, while Kiki patiently drew, painted and cut out the stars, sun and planets. Nakul and I enjoyed taking the children to an art store to pick the things they needed and did not have at home. Bonus, we all had ice-cream on the way back.

Ingredient For Making Solar System

  • Paper and colour (preferably glow-in-the-dark)
  • Chalk
  • Thread
  • White thermocol balls of different shapes and sizes
  • Glue
  • Board Pins
  • iPad/computer/cellphone/book
  • 1 small sized bangle
  • The inclination to let go and have your child take over!

Before we begin, remember that we’re not looking for perfection here—the sun can be something in between round and oval, and can have eyes, nose, teeth, etc; our stars can be orange, pink or blue! Helpful Read 2: Summer Vacation DIY Craft Ideas For Your Child?

Preparation Method of Solar System Model :

  • Ask your child to draw the sun and stars in different shapes and sizes and colour them. Then, ask them to cut them out. You might have to provide some guidance on the size, especially of the sun.
  • Refer to a book/iPad/computer to understand the relative sizes of the planets (again, we are not looking for precision here). Ask the child to colour the balls according to the picture they see. For Saturn, once the planet is coloured, stick a bangle around the ball.
  • Tie a thread through the planets so that they can be suspended
  • On the desired surface, stick the sun, and make orbits with chalk. Stick on the stars.
  • Use board pins and glue to suspend the planets to the orbits


As a variation, you can choose any concept and execute the same. Will you try this on the weekend? Or do you have another DIY activity in mind? Let us know in the comments below!


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| May 21, 2017

Loved the DIY idea - the Solar system is definitely on our list..

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