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10 Tips to Prepare Child for Nursery Admission Interaction

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Dec 26, 2018

10 Tips to Prepare Child for Nursery Admission Interaction
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Every Parent wants what’s best for their child and nursery school admissions is no exception, where parents are trying their best to keep track of the form dates, to remember all the numerous documents that need to go with the form, to apply to multiple schools so their child gets a fair chance of admission in the best school.

While we parents are busy coordinating the dates and timelines keeping our patience level in check, it may happen sometimes, that we as parents may forget to prepare the child for the admission interviews. Preparing a child for preschool or nursery interaction is important. One feeling is that our child’s performance in the interaction will decide his/her future and it is only natural for the parents to be anxious about the whole process then. The situation can be a lot less terrifying for the little one if you can effectively prepare your child for this interaction and at the same time, make it fun and exciting.

Realizing that this time is crucial, here are some tips to help your child deal with the preschool and nursery admission interaction. [Check Delhi Nursery School Admissions Dates 2019-20] 


What Will Be Observed During School Admission Interaction?

It may be a good idea to have a piece of detailed knowledge of what your child may experience, once you are aware of the same, you may help your child accordingly. You could meet the director or a member of the faculty to know what the school expects your child to know. Once you have the information you can start with it and also take help of books and educational games. [Explore Important Delhi Nursery Admissions 2019 Procecure]
In a nursery admission interaction, a child is usually observed along the following parameters:

  • A child’s ability to follow basic instructions.
  • Interactive skills: A child’s vocabulary and ability to express.
  • A child’s ability to match shapes and sizes.
  • Behavioral Attributes: ease of interaction with the child

What Should You Do As A Parent for School Admission Interaction?

  • The best way to help your child is through creating similar situations. Help your child in understanding that s/he needs to listen carefully and follow instructions.
  • You could begin with simple conversation and gradually extend this activity time by including oral and writing skills.
  • You could initiate the learning process by helping your child observe and then follow it up by a number of questions. You could take the help of educational toys and books but at the same time encourage the child to ask questions and observe in a neutral setting, like when outside, you could ask the child to identity the colors on a hoarding or ask the child on the shape of the traffic lights. This will also make your child’s outing fun-filled. 
  • Communication skill and Confidence: Asking open-ended questions may enhance you child’s communication abilities. 
  • Allow and encourage your child to stay with trusted adults for a few hours at a time before the interaction, this will help him/her get accustomed to staying with people other than his/her parents.

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  • To make the child feel secure and comfortable, it may be a good idea to let the child carry his/her favorite toy or book to the interview. The special item brought from home then becomes the comforting medium and makes the child feel safe in a new setting.
  • If possible, take the child to the school once before the interview day so the child makes some connect with the place and is comfortable on the day of the interview.
  • Making sure that the child has a water bottle, a healthy, light snack and a change of clothes in his/ her backpack might come handy if for some reason the interview gets delayed and then your child is hungry and cranky before the interaction.
  • Just before you step into the school, take a moment to reassure your child that you are there to have fun and see a great school and nothing more. You love your precious little one no matter what is the outcome of the interaction.
  • An important point for parents to note while you prepare your child for the interaction is that you need to be extremely patient and not evoke a fear in the child about the interaction. 


Preparing a child is perhaps the most important stage in the admissions process and also a great opportunity as a parent to prepare your child right in the formative years.

Disclaimer: Interviewing young children for school/preschool selection is not legal. We at are against such selection process and don’t support such approach by preschool or schools.

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| Jan 16, 2013

This will come handy for a friend who is really freaked out about her girl's nursery admission interaction. thanks, great post!

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| Jan 16, 2013

I think parents positive reactions after the interaction is equally important, in case they get a sense of negative response. The positive response will instill more confidence in child. The child should not pick up negative threads from the parents conversation post interaction at school. Important to be happy and smiling after the interaction :-)

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| Feb 07, 2014

Nice write up... what I feel is that carrying a smile on your face and confidence in your eyes can do wonders for your kid. If the kid feels you are comfortable he/she would be more comfortable. All the best for the aspiring parents out here...

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| Nov 23, 2014

The disclaimer says this is not legal, then why do all the schools follow this process? Why does nobody ever raise their voice about this?

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| May 11, 2020


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