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Hygiene in Children - Step by Step Guidelines

3 to 7 years

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Hygiene in Children Step by Step Guidelines

The first part of the article on hygiene dealt with what personal hygiene means and the results of having poor hygiene standards. This part will gives a comprehensive list of various types of hygiene practices to be followed at various ages.

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Debarpita Roy

| Apr 04, 2016

useful tips. thanks

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Sindhu Bandaru

| Jul 27, 2015

Nice and very useful tips.. great job

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| Jul 24, 2015

Great tips to keep children hygiene.. Thanks..

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| Oct 02, 2013

Very useful information !!!

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| Sep 11, 2013

Useful tips and reminders, good job Payal !!

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| Dec 18, 2012

Another great write up Payal. Teaching children the importance of personal hygiene is vital as they play a crucial role in staying healthy for the rest of their lives.

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