0-1 Year Baby Neonate Vision Development Milestones

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0 to 1 years

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0 1 Year Baby Neonate Vision Development Milestones
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In the first year of life, infant’s vision develops quickly and it's important for parents to track it and know if there are irregularities, as vision forms the base of other milestones like recognition, hand grasp, and hand-eye coordination. Read this blog to know more.

Eye Vision Development Stages & Growth Milestone/Timeline

Let’s look at various stages of the neonate vision process of your baby. Read here vision development growth milestones 

#1. At Birth

At baby’s pupils are quite small limiting the amount of light that enters. They mostly utilize the peripheral vision as the central vision is still developing. Retina begins to mature with the progression of the first month of birth. Hence, neonates are mostly attracted towards bright objects and objects that are near to them rather than at the end of the room

#2. By the Age of 2 Months

The eye coordination of both eyes is still developing and you might notice little deviation of eyes towards sides which in most cases is normal and eventually gets better as the focus improves. But if you seem to notice that deviation is too much toward the side or towards nose than you might check with your pediatrician.

#3. By the Age of 3 Months

Eyes start to move together and track a nearby object and there develop considerable eye-hand movements. [Must Read Eye Infection Symptoms, Prevention Tips for Babies]

#4. By the Age of 5-8 Months

By the age of 5 months, the in-depth perception of things develops also known as babies start realizing how near or far the object is. Their color vision starts to improve though not as much as adults. They recognize their parents across the room.they may remember the objects they once saw.

By this age i.e by 8 months, a baby starts crawling further enabling the hand-eye coordination and in-depth perception of things.

#5. By the Age of 9-12 Months

By the age of 9-12 months, babies start judging distance pretty well and start holding things and going up to them. Their pincer grasp which is holding things between forefinger and thumb develops, and they can very well hold things and transfer them as well. By 10 months, their eye color reaches its final color though some changes can be seen later as well. Their vision fully develops by age of 12 months and also starts focussing on objects both near and far

What to Watch-out During Baby's Vision Development?

Here a few more points which every parent should keep close watch-out during baby's neonate vision development. Read here

  • Watch out for any significant problem in eyes like inward and outward turning or eyes.
  • Delays in recognition of objects,hand-eye coordination.
  • Any eye disease can be ruled out with periodic screening with an ophthalmologist
  • Avoid using any homemade products like kajal in infants eyes, it may cause infection and is highly discouraged.
  • Giving baby a nutritious diet and engaging her in age-appropriate games.


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