Is It Safe To Shave Your Pubic Hair During Pregnancy?

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Updated on Oct 29, 2020

Is It Safe To Shave Your Pubic Hair During Pregnancy
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If your due date is fast approaching, then among various other bigger concerns, you might just be wondering if you need to “go clean” down there. Removing pubic hair during pregnancy is usually on most expecting moms’ minds, specifically, whether or not to shave it. In this post we address some of the pros and cons of shaving the pubic hair during pregnancy, so that you can make your choice. Read on to find out more!

Why Is Pubic Hair Shaved Before Delivery?

In most hospitals, the staff will either shave off your pubic hair before your delivery, or you might be advised to do it on your own before you come in. Here are the reasons why this is done:

  • While this hasn’t been proved, it is believed that removing pubic hair reduces the chances of infections during delivery
  • It is done in the case of C-Section births to ensure hygiene before a cut is made in the mother’s lower abdominal region

Benefits Of Shaving Pubic Hair

Here are some of the pros of shaving pubic hair:

  1. Reduces chances of infection:

    Keeping the pubic area clean is of utmost importance as it reduces sweating, and the chances of infections occurring due to various microbes
  2. Convenience during delivery:

    If your doctor needs to use forceps or any other intervention during childbirth, a clean pubic area makes it much easier

Some Risks Associated With Shaving Pubic Hair

As with anything to do with our bodies, there is a flipside to shaving pubic hair, too. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  1. When the shaving is not done properly, and there are cuts, this can lead to infections and defeat the very purpose of shaving! It is important to be extremely careful while shaving your pubic area
  2. When the hair starts to grow again, the itching sensation can be extremely irritating, and there could also be ingrowth
  3. Another challenge associated with shaving pubic hair during pregnancy is that your bump gets in the way! It is difficult to shave an area that you can’t see, and this can lead to accidentally cutting yourself. It is, thus, better to have someone else whom you are comfortable with, to do the shaving

Things To Keep In Mind When Shaving Pubic Hair During Pregnancy

  1. Take help:

    If you’re uncomfortable with having a nurse shave your pubic hair before delivery, you can do it yourself or ask your partner to help. But remember to maintain proper hygiene and care
  2. New razor:

    If the shaving is done in the hospital, make sure the staff is using a new, unused razor. The nurse must also clean the pubic area with antiseptic liquid before beginning to shave
  3. Consult your doctor:

    If you’re not comfortable with shaving your pubic hair, speak to your doctor and check what alternatives are available. Don’t try any method without getting a go-ahead from your gynecologist, first

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Shaving the pubic area is a very personal thing, and much depends on your habits and hygiene. Consult your doctor to see what options you have and make the choice that works best for you. We wish you a safe delivery!

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Thanks for clearing doubts of so many women! Great blog!

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| Mar 19, 2018

In the event that your due date is quick drawing nearer, at that point among different other greater concerns, you may very well think about whether you have to "go clean" down there. Evacuating pubic hair amid pregnancy is for the most part on most expecting mothers' psyches, particularly, regardless of whether to shave it. For more information please visit-

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Very informative. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing.. And very informative.. 😊

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