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Karnataka RTE Admission Registration 2019-20 - Documents, FAQs, Time Schedule & Helpline

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Karnataka RTE Admission Registration 2019 20 Documents FAQs Time Schedule Helpline

Right To Education act aims to ensure that students from weaker sections aren’t deprived of education. The act, enacted on August 24th, 2009 announced ‘free’ and ‘compulsory’ education for children. Under the act, the Karnataka State Government will secure seats in government as well as private schools for children from a poor financial background. Right to Education Act, 2009, provides for 25% free seats to the poor. 

Must-know About Karnataka RTE School Admission 2019-20 Session 

Surely, a child's admissions are testing times for first-time parents. And, that’s why we have got you this information in one place. 

  • No child is liable to pay anything for education including books, uniform etc.

  • The RTE act has standards for student-teacher ratios, classrooms, separate toilets for girls and the number of working days. Each primary & middle school have to ensure that they follow their guidelines.

  • Any kind of discrimination based on gender, cast, the creed is strictly prohibited under the act. The act also rules out any kind of screening procedures at the time of admission.

  • The act also provides for the development of a curriculum that contributes to the overall development of a child.

  • The act also includes private schools and therefore, these schools have to keep a reserve of 25% seats.

                                                                                                                     [Also Explore: Karnataka RTE 2019-20 Nursery Admission Age Criteria]

Required Documents for Karnataka RTE Admission Registration 2019-20

Read on to know a few facts about RTE registration in Karnataka nursery schools, documents required at the time of admission, important days and where to get help from. 

  • Child Aadhaar Card (If no Aadhaar card then Aadhaar applied application no.)

  • Birth Certificate (LKG Date (Date of birth) range Required for eligibility from 01-08-2014 to 01-08-2015 (Age should be between 3 years 10 months to 4 years 10 months, add a year from this for UKG)

  • Parent's Income & Caste Certificate

  • Parents Aadhaar Card - either father’s or mother’s Aadhaar Card

  • Govt. of Approved any address proof(Voter, PAN/Aadhar etc)


5 Most Frequently Asked Questions in Karnataka Right to Education 2019-20  

Question 1. What if a child is older than six years and has never been to school? Will she/he be enrolled? If, yes in which class?

Yes, she/he would be enrolled in a class appropriate to her/his age. For instance, if a girl is 9 years she will be admitted in Class 4 and will be given special training to cope up with the level of learning in that class.  No child in the age group of 6-14 years shall be refused admission in a school under the Act.

Question 2. Is there any screening procedure at the time of the admission?

The act prohibits any kind of screening procedures. Neither private nor special category schools can do screenings. The schools will follow a random procedure that implies if the number of children applying to a school exceeds the available seats, an open lottery system shall be used to fill the seats. This applies to all categories of schools.

Question 3. Can private schools charge capitation fees or "donations" at the time of admission?

No school or person can collect any capitation fee at the time of admission. If any school or person is found receiving capitation fee, there shall be a punishable FINE which may extend to TEN TIMES the capitation fee charged.

Question 4. Can a child seek transfer to any other school at any time of the academic year?

Yes, a child can seek transfer to any other school at any time and the transfer certificate will be issued by the Head Teacher or in-charge of the school without delay.

Question 5. Which children are eligible to apply for the 25% reserved seats?

The Act specifies that admission in the free seats should be offered to two categories of children defined as: "child belonging to DISADVANTAGED GROUP" means a child belonging to the Scheduled Caste, the Scheduled Tribe, the socially and educationally backward class or such other group having disadvantage owing to social, cultural, economic, geographical, linguistic, gender or such other factor, as may be specified by the appropriate government, by notification;"child belonging to WEAKER SECTION" means a child belonging to such parent or guardian whose annual income is lower than the minimum limit specified by the appropriate Government, by notification;"


RTE Karnataka Registration Helpline: 

Parents who have to face any problem related to admissions can contact on this helpline number launched by the Social Welfare Department of Karnataka, RTE helpline allows you to lodge any complaints and to get any kind of information on the act.

Feel free to call on the RTE Helpline number: 1800-425-34567 

Official Website:


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| Jan 16, 2020

H v charan my boy , child,3y 6m nanu buggy ret application madabeako

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| Apr 15, 2019

My child Aadhaar locality address is different from RTE website and showing "please contact BEO office for address mismatch ". Hence,I went to BEO office, but he didn't there and RTE Programme assistant also did not there. Then I made phone call to rte programme assistant ,he told me that you don't filup RTE application because private schools are not available. I say it is not a my problem my problem is that address mismatch. He told me I can't help about it you update address of your child Aadhaar card to our website system shown. Then I update our child Aadhaar cardin two times,but it's never updated till today. Therefore I am not going to filing of my child RTE application.

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| Apr 03, 2019

Fake rti rule .it s not working and .when I applied RTI application. my children it s showing .address mis mach

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| Mar 06, 2019


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| Mar 03, 2019

exam dates sar

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| Feb 26, 2019

@sonya anwar: do open the website (www. schooleducation. kar. nic. in) suggested here & do here as suggested

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| Feb 25, 2019

i want to help one family for this rte, the parents are illiterate and wants to educate their children. can someone please share the process of getting rte seat so that i can help this family.

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