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How Can You Keep Your Baby Healthy Through Weather Changes?

Soma Sarkar
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Created by Soma Sarkar
Updated on Dec 09, 2019

How Can You Keep Your Baby Healthy Through Weather Changes
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Weather change means more stress to parents, especially parents of small babies and toddlers. As summer at its peak already, in most parts of India, even little cold water or exposure outside can easily make your child sick. They can suffer from dehydration or heatstroke, if not cared well. Weather change is a natural phenomenon but the evolving mankind habits are mostly responsible for the abrupt weather change.

9 Tips to Keep Your Baby Healthy When Weather Changes?

So now, before it is too late, we should take steps to stop polluting the nature and till then some remedies to take care of your toddler so that they can enjoy summers and have fun -

  • First step plant trees or have some air purifying saplings in your balcony or any corner of room
  • Use AC (not too cold) coolers or close the doors and windows during day, check for the ventilation during the nights
  • Don't give anything too cold to eat or drink. Use earthen pots to store water. Give bath and sponge with tap water if possible twice a day
  • Don't go outside in daytime if not necessary if going take hats or umbrella and travel in closed vehicle. Babies are sensitive to direct sunlight, so be extra cautious in summer season. If babies are breastfed mother's need to be hydrated all day
  • Add fresh yoghurt in menu in form of lassi, chanch etc. for toddlers. If they want ice-cream, it is better not to give daily
  • Lime water is must for hydrated body. Aam panna if your kid can drink it or bel sharbat, sattu drink are the best to keep heat at bay
  • Add juices of musambi, oranges, sugarcane, watermelons in their menu or can make popsicles from them
  • Colourful veggies are important to include in diet for energy. Soups can be real energy boosters
  • Make them drink lots of water during playtime. You can also add plain glucose in water, avoid using colourful packaged energy drinks

Hope these tips will be useful for your child, if you have any other ideas please do suggest us through your comments.

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| Dec 09, 2019

Honey ka use ziada rakhien

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| Oct 11, 2019

Plz suggest me pakistan mai weather change horaha hai.. itx winter here.. my baby is 7months old and he had a very bad flu and nose running

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| Oct 10, 2019

wtf! nothing to read

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| Aug 13, 2019

my daughter now 4+month n she drink bf1 can i start cerlac???

  • Report

| Aug 13, 2019

I m from Pakistan can I follow these rules?

  • Report

| Mar 30, 2019

Aoa Abdullah ahmad my boy now 4 and half month. only feeding mother feed. when I start ceerials

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| Mar 30, 2019


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| Apr 25, 2018

amazing write up . thanks for sharing.

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