8 Early Pregnancy Sign & Symptoms If You Missed Periods

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8 Early Pregnancy Sign Symptoms If You Missed Periods

Even before you miss your period your body in its own sweet way has started preparing for the new life taking shape inside you. However, the question most women ask is how can I know I am pregnant even before I a missed period? Well, the answer is all the signs and symptoms your body shows indicate that you are pregnant and expecting a baby sometime soon. If you wish to know the other signs about your pregnancy other than a missed period, read on to the following points.

8 Pregnancy Signs To Know You Are Pregnant Once You Missed Periods

Can you find out if you are pregnant or not even before you have missed your period?  The answer is yes. Read these symptoms right here...

  1. Sore, tender and heavy breasts: Initially as the blood vessels in the breasts dilate and start growing, the dark colored circles on the nipples, also become bigger and darker. This change can be noticed in a week or two after conceiving. Your breasts may feel tingly or sore upon touching that might make you uncomfortable. As these signs can be mistaken for PMS, you can conclude up on a pregnancy if it gets worse but to be assured, you must take a pregnancy test immediately
  2. Fatigue: This is a common sign of pregnancy as the body starts preparing for the growth and nurturing of the foetus and hence produces more blood which will result in fatigue. You may end up feeling tired and exhausted all the time which is why you must catch up on sleep in order to fight fatigue. As fatigue can be signs of health issues like anemia, hypothyroidism, you cannot be sure about your pregnancy unless you take a pregnancy test or visit your doctor
  3. Nausea: This classic sign of pregnancy is the worst of all since you might be feeling nauseous all the time, especially in the mornings. Feeling dizzy and weak all the times, you may want to take a pregnancy test to confirm your results. As this is the most common type of symptom to come across, the severity of it may differ in every pregnant woman which will subside with time
  4. Bloating: Though you may confuse this symptom with PMS, it can also be a sign of pregnancy despite your fetus being a tiny one during the initial days. Your tummy may protrude and you will feel like unbuttoning to get some air. A heavy bloated tummy is very uncomfortable, followed by farts and burps due to the presence of the progesterone hormone. To get relief from this condition you should small portions of food throughout the day and must avoid fried and cheesy foods largely
  5. Frequent washroom visits: Even before you have missed your periods, an early sign of pregnancy can be your frequent urge to pee, especially during night time. After conceiving a number of hormonal changes occur and there is an extra production of blood which causes frequent urination. The kidneys work to filter more blood filling up in the bladder which causes urination
  6. Aversions to specific foods: Can’t you control your hunger when you see your favorite dish being cooked? Well if you are pregnant, in the initial days you might not want to look or smell your favorite food, let alone eat it. About 85% of pregnant women complain of food aversions during their first trimester but later their taste buds come back to normal
  7. Constipated: If you feel constipated on a regular basis after you have missed your periods, it might be a sign of pregnancy and you might want to confirm it by taking a test or visiting your doctor. This may be due to the hormonal changes brought by elevated progesterone levels that might make your bowel movements harder as the food passes through the digestive system slowly
  8. Excessive thirst: Early signs of pregnancy also include excessive thirst which is why you must be quenching your thirst with a lot of water which is why you will be visiting the washroom frequently. This is due to an increase in the blood volume that your body will produce

Other than the missed period which is an obvious sign, there are many others such as shortness of breath, lack of appetite, metallic taste in mouth, drooling, headaches and backaches, mood swings, dizziness and many more.

What You Can Do Next?

If you experience these symptoms of pregnancy other than the missed period, you may conclude a pregnancy but at times these signs might be an indication of other health issues or premenstrual issues. Hence, you should wait for more, for a week or two after you have skipped your period and then take a home pregnancy test or visit your doctor immediately to clear your doubt. Must READ: Homemade Early Pregnancy Tests & Tips to Perform

Things To Be Kept In Mind

If you have been waiting for this pregnancy, you can do a few things as mentioned below until you reach the final conclusion of the test.

  1. Get enough sleep, eat more and drink plenty of water
  2. Take adequate vitamins and minerals including folic acid and iron as recommended by your doctor
  3. Quit smoking and alcohol; avoid unhealthy foods, over-the-counter medications, and illegal substances


Did you like the blog on signs to know you are pregnant? Share your views and feedback with us in the comments section below. If you know other signs of pregnancy then do share them too.


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| Oct 01, 2019

How could i know i m pregnant or not after Two day missed period

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| Dec 04, 2017

quite an apt blog. yes when one has been trying to conceive, anxiety levels are high and so is confusion. these tips would definitely come in handy to ease out some of the tension that couples who have been trying from quite some time go through.. the only thing they want to see at that moment is those two bright pink lines on the kit.. thanks for sharing this wonderful blog .

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