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Lactose intolerant child -- Here’s what to do!

Puja Sharma Vasisht
1 to 3 years

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Lactose intolerant child Heres what to do

Does your child complain of discomfort in her stomach after she drinks milk? Are you inclined to think that she is making up an excuse to avoid milk? Well, think again – she may actually be intolerant to milk and milk products. Understanding lactose intolerance is the first step towards dealing with it. Our nutrition expert Puja Sharma Vasisht shares the must-knows…

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Shamira Rezwan

| Nov 25, 2017

thank u very much. its really very helpful

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puloma pandey

| Jul 10, 2017

very helpful blog.. Thanks for the detailed information.

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Mitali Bhowmick

| Jun 17, 2017

thanks,it is very helpful information.

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monika dhingra

| Jun 14, 2017

my 14 month old boy is lactose intolerant after 6 months age. Now he is digesting curd. I Want to clear is this problem goes after 3,4 years of age or a lifetime problem. He is eating every thing except milk,milk creame ,butter,but seems weak his weight 9. 3kg. w did all test liver,cbc ,hb nd wheat allregy all r normal. i m worried for his health plz give suggestions

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Unish Subba

| May 17, 2017

my 1yr old baby scream s and cries out of sleep inconsolably many times a month. p ls help

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Wilma Braggs

| Apr 29, 2017


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| Feb 25, 2017

my child is 2 yr n 5 months old. she is milk allergic from birth. I want to ask whether this allergy recovers with growing age?

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| Dec 28, 2016

Hi Geeta, not sure on this check with your pedeac.

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Geeta Gala

| Nov 17, 2016

what about goat milk... lactose intolerant bacchonko de sakte hai

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Arun Kumar

| Nov 10, 2016

mm CBM

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Arun Kumar

| Nov 10, 2016


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nav kaur

| Nov 09, 2016


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| Nov 08, 2016


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