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Mumbai & Pune Nursery School Admission 2019-20 in Maharashtra - Dates Schedule, Age Criteria

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Updated on Nov 24, 2018

Mumbai Pune Nursery School Admission 2019 20 in Maharashtra Dates Schedule Age Criteria

Time flies! And this is felt most when a child is growing up. As parents, you still remember the day when your child was this tiny little bundle of joy wrapped in blanket. However, before you know it he/she is a three year old ready for the first steps into the world of education and schools.

Getting your child admitted into a good school is every parent’s dream. This is because the school is the foundation for the kid’s academic future hence paving the way for educational and social upbringing. As the year draws to a close, new school admission procedures for the next year begin in full swing giving parent’s sleepless nights and frantic anxieties.

The admissions for the year 2019-20 for schools in Maharashtra are not far away. Here is taking a look at all that you need to know regarding school admissions in Maharashtra for the next academic year. However, before that a step by step guide for parents applying for new admissions. Helpful Read: 10 tips to Prepare Child for Admission Test Interaction

Application Dates - Maharashtra Nursery School Admission 2019

Every school opens up its application process for a period of time. This usually falls between the months of November – December. Application forms are issued that need to be duly filled and attached with the required documents within the stipulated time allotted by the respective schools. Documents to be attached usually include a photograph of the child, the birth certificate, any proof of residence as well as application fees to be paid on purchase of the application form. Again most information regarding the procurement, filling and submission of the forms is easily available online on the websites of the school. Also, one can always go to the concerned school to enquire about the dates when the application forms are available and their submission dates.

Age Limit - Nursery School Admission Procedure Mumbai & Pune

First of all it is very important to know if your child has reached the appropriate cut off age for admission. The Maharashtra Government had issued a resolution in 2015 stating that a child must be six years of age while seeking admission in Class I. Thus a child must complete three years of age when applying for admission in nursery. The cutoff date was first issued as July 31 and later pushed to September 30. This essentially means that your child must have completed three years as on September 30 if applying for nursery admissions.

Research and Short list

Mumbai, Pune as well as the many cities of Maharashtra are home to a large number of different schools. Government, government aided and private schools are the basic categories, each with a number of schools with varying fees structure, syllabus, infrastructure and board examinations. As a parent one has to first find out which are the schools best suited to your need and convenience. Of course, the quality of education is the prime factor to take into account, however, distance from home, fees structure, extracurricular activities and the examination board are also things that are good to consider. By speaking to other experienced parents, reading and following the websites of the schools parents can get a good idea about the standard and quality of different schools. Thus the first thing to do is chalk out a list of the potential schools that you would like to apply for new admissions.

RTE or Right To Education in Maharashtra

According to the RTE rules, the Maharashtra government has reserved 25% of the seats for poor children across the government, government aided and private schools. The official website of Maharashtra RTE allows applicants to select their district and apply. All rounds of the admission process are over for the academic year 2019-2020. However, one can keep this in mind for application to Class I in the subsequent years.

Mumbai and Pune are educational centers and home to some of the finest learning institutions of the country. November and December are the peak months for parents to be aware about the new admissions since application forms are usually released then. With diligence parents can follow up on the admission process to ensure a healthy academic environment for their child.

Finally, the child learns through various mediums and institutions. However, the school remains as one of the most important centers of education and learning after home.


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