My early days as a mommy...Swati shares a piece of her life

Swati Raj Chauhan
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My early days as a mommySwati shares a piece of her life

An arranged marriage, a child of (in)convenience and unsupportive in-laws. Read Swati’s story here…

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Frida P

| Apr 23, 2017

I also face the same issue just I stay with mil so my mom can't come and help. I don't get any help so and so not even washing hid one spoon of baby on top they have 4 pets so I can't even leave him down be on top floors only too bad kitchen is down so when alone great difficulty in preparing his feed.

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Jinal Shah

| Apr 19, 2017

I face the same thing. just change is MIL stay with us but not supported.

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