Positive Changes In A Man Once He Becomes A Father

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Updated on Mar 24, 2021

Positive Changes In A Man Once He Becomes A Father
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Any potent man can father a child. But it takes commitment and sacrifice to get into the shoes of a father. They hold the roost for a healthy connect with their offsprings by way of discipline and care taking capabilities. That selfless willingness to sacrifice was a trait inherent in him. He is the one who has a twinkle in his eyes, a gentle smile, encouraging tone, a warmly embrace for his children to blossom with happiness. He will never stamp his authority of “Do as I say”. This level of commitment and goodness comes from the heart of a father only.

The thrills of experiencing fatherhood are beyond words. It is that eager moment when the cute bundle of joy, the most precious gift of your life, inheritor of your love will be in your arms. A complete world in itself, the child brings the transformation of man into a true father. There is no argument in this amazing journey which come with its own set of attributes. 1. From Husband To A Responsible Father: Being a father is no cake walk. It is a sense of belongingness and responsibility that come from the heart. Caring for the little one – financially, emotionally and physically gear them for the grand commitment. They get themselves involved in all mundane tasks like dressing, bathing or putting the baby to sleep. Though not expressive through their eyes, hearts of fathers weep when their child is in pain or despair. They are the second mother to their child.

Changes that come in a man when he becomes a father

  1. Become Caring:

    The feeling of parenthood is something unique for both the husband and wife. From the husband point of view, they become more caring and respect the pain their wives, going through. They try to address every minute detail as possible, related to their wives and the baby
  2. More Time Devoting:

    As caring husbands step into the shoes of fatherhood, their priorities change. They are drawn more close towards devotion. A life that was for their wives and friends is now a life for their babies too. The new dads wither from being alone and prefer celebrating quality time with their wives and the new born because they know that such togetherness is full of delight and cannot be missed. Plus requirements at such a stage can arise at any moment and cannot be overlooked
  3. Always For The Baby:

    The new dads show no hesitancy in fulfilling certain duties of the baby’s mother. They are apt to doing diaper changing, bathing the baby, cleaning the milk bottle, singing lullabies and are quick on their toes for getting the best medical care for the baby, when needed
  4. Become Safety And Comfort Concerned:

    A sense of a huge protective shield develops in the caring dads. Even a slightest of disturbance gets them restless, making them rise to the occasion for their wives and babies. Be it safety or a matter of comfort, they will not take any chance
  5. Love Sharing The Parenting Duty:

    Both husband and wife quickly shift gears and get into their respective role of a mother and a father. This strengthens the family bond, much needed to enjoy this stage of life and later on
  6. Not A Father, Friend Too:

    Every father enjoys playing with his lil one as these moments have their own charm and cannot be missed. A time frame which the baby, thoroughly enjoys, very much needed for his/her over all development and well being
  7. Display More Patience & A Better Human Being:

    The most notable aspect of a man becoming a father is his change of approach, while showing patience and his humane side. The fatherly figure pumps into him tremendous amount of energy, lowers depression and makes them more devoted towards their work
  8. More Nurturing Ability:

    Men, who become fathers, do not remain confined to themselves. They come out to become better nurturing persons for their family, friends and colleagues at work

These are the few positive changes to be noticed in the new dads which fills them with a sense of purpose that genuinely enhances their psychological well-being.

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| Feb 19, 2018

father should play an important role in bringing up of their children as its not a woman's task alone. very well written .

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