Pros & Cons Of Homeschooling Your Child

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Pros Cons Of Homeschooling Your Child

Recently I read an article on an upcoming community of parents who homeschool their children. Homeschooling is not a novel concept. In fact before the 19th century most parents home schooled their children even in the developed nations.

In India too we had the Gurukula system where students stayed at the homes of the gurus. Both traditional and experiential learning was gained. In today’s scenario it is the dry curriculum , lack of inspiring teachers and the fixed mindset of schools that is often turning parents towards home schooling in India. The government’s Open schooling NIOS helps parents in this matter. NIOS helps children appear for board exams so that they gain their certification.

Homeschooling really home education is to educate children at home. This would require serious planning and scheduling.

Let us look at the advantages

  1. Parents can choose the curriculum they wish to use. Curriculum of different boards are available on the net.
  2. They can choose the method of learning - Montessori way , project based approach , experiential learning, Waldorf method etc
  3. They can schedule the class hours as per their child’s interest and need. You could dedicate one day or half for a subject so that you could go deeper. You could have friends and family members who are experts in their field to give classes or impart learning based on their schedule.
  4. You can arrange the co curricular and extra curricular activities based on your child’s interest and needs. Games and social weekends can be arranged at your child’s convenience and needs. Your child would get to choose his/her playmates.There are several sports clubs, libraries and private spaces that arrange games, activities to boost socialising and interaction.
  5. Since you are your child’s best teacher you can impart inspiring lessons. This will help you bond closely with your child.
  6. Your child can go to higher levels without waiting a full school year. If your child has special needs or if your child is a gifted child you could arrange the learning accourdingly. Hence there is flexibility.
  7. You become part of the growing homeschooling parent community. There would be novel ideas that you could exchange and apply.
  8. Children escape harsh punishments, bullying, criticism from teachers, peer pressure, boring uniforms  and unnecessary homework.

Now let us look at the cons:

  1. Please do not venture into this if you are not organised and disciplined. Homeschooling means you have to assign class hours , snack break and lunch break. So you have a lot of planning and preparing to do.
  2. You will have to prepare lesson plans for all subjects.
  3. You will have to arrange for outdoor trips, field visits, lab experiments etc. You will also have to prepare your child for tests and exams. Even if you do away with class exams your child will have to do the board exams. You can enrol him/ her as a private candidate.
  4. You will have to dedicate a space and time so that home chores do not interfere.
  5. You will have to arrange for play dates and social weekdns as your child would not be part of a peer group.
  6. Since you are replacing a school, you will have to look deeply into what you are getting into. You will have to do your homework and research before plunging into homeschooling.
  7. You will have to look into your finances as you will end up spending more.
  8. Your personal energy has to be managed well as you will end up spending 24/7 with your child. If you have children or different ages you will have to cater accordingly.
  9. You and your spouse have to be aligned in this as you and your children will receive negative feedback from people around.

Ultimately you know yourself and your child best. Hence choose well , choose wise. All the best.

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mera baby ik sal k hony waly hay wo dand chabany lga hy is it normle

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भारतीय छंद ढजणोग

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hi is there any maths and Kannada tutor for 10th standard..

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