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11 Handy Summer Care Tips For Infants

Debashree Bhattacharya
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Updated on Dec 28, 2020

11 Handy Summer Care Tips For Infants
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New born babies and toddlers are very much vulnerable to the summer season as this season beings some of its associates that are not friendly with our children at all. For example, l can say that heat rashes, dehydration, diaper rashes, loss of appetite are the inseparable part of this season. But, we mothers know very well how to vanquish all these trouble from the life of our children. So here is some suggestions and tips from my side regarding how to take care of your new born baby and toddler in summer.

Summer Care For The New Born Babies

Breast milk and formula milk can be given more frequently to keep them hydrated and they can get all the water they need from Breast milk or formula. Keep powder milk available always at home as in summer cow’s milk tends to get spoiled easily. Always keep formula milk packets in re-sealable jars.

Coconut oil is preferred for baby massage. Coconut oil provides cooling effect on body as it’s lighter in texture and easily absorbs into the skin. Sesame oil or almond oil can also be considered.

Avoid mustard oil during summer as it has warming properties and may cause rashes and skin irritation.

While stepping out cover baby with a think cotton blanket for initial few minutes and then remove it.


Summer Care Tips for Babies & Toddlers:

Make sure that you follow these tips for baby care in summer. Rest enjoy the sunny weather with your darling and have loads of fun moments together!

  1. Keep Your New Born hydrated-

    If your baby relies only on breast milk, make sure you feed him/her often, to keep him/her hydrated. As sweating to leads to loss of fluid in body
  2. Avoid the Scorching Sun-

    To keep new born safe from heat rash or heat stroke avoid going out in the sun from 11 am to 4 pm. Their skin is very much vulnerable to the heat of the sun. So it is advisable not to take them out during day time as far as possible
  3. Appropriate clothing

    For new born just wrap him/her in light muslin or cotton wraps and no heavy blanket. Use diapers only at night for the sound sleep of your new born
  4. Massage during Summer

    Though we all know that massaging new born babies before bath is always good, but you have to keep a few things in mind during summer season
  5. Regulation Of Body Temperature For New Born Babies

    This is one of the special summer care tips for new-borns. As babies take time to regulate or adjust their body temperature according to the surroundings, avoid sudden temperature changes for them. While at home try to maintain constant speed for fan and AC.
  6. Give Home made Juice & Drinks

    When you are going for a family outing, try to take food such as fruits and cookies. Since cooked food can get spoiled due to heat. You can give homemade juices and drinks at regular intervals to keep them cool and hydrated. Many toddlers do not drink enough water so do remind and offer them liquids often to avoid dehydration.
  7. Always Use boiled or filtered water for your baby

    When using mineral water, check if the seal is intact. During summer, kids should drink 12 ounce of water to prevent dehydration. Parents should watch out for the symptoms of dehydration. Keep a check on baby & urine output.
  8. Do Ensure Little Loose Dresses

    - Do ensure that the dresses are a little loose. For outdoors (especially in evening), choose full length dresses which will   ensure baby to get protected from bugs and insects.
  9. Prefer Cool Surroundings

    - Air condition does not cause harm. A soothing temperature of 26 degrees is perfectly fine for your baby.
  10. Equipped with all necessary items

    - If planning to take kids on a pool, please be well equipped with all necessary items such as sun screen, re-useable swimming nappies or disposable swimming nappies, hats, swim trunks or swim suits, Swim ear plugs to prevent middle ear infection, UV blocking sunglasses and a water bottle.
  11. Do not leave toddlers or kids unattended either in a bathtub or in pool. As parents, we should be aware of pool safety guidelines for better protection of our kids.
  12. Need to keep our surrounding clean and hygienic to prevent bugs or mosquitoes to breed.


Keep below points in mind when using AC for baby or young children

  1. Right Food For Babies and Toddlers:

    For toddlers and babies above 6 months we can give them fruit yogurt, smoothies, and tender coconut water to keep them cool. Other than that cucumbers, berries, mangoes also keep toddlers hydrated. Include lots of vegetables in the form of salad and avoid giving fried food or chips or road side food items. While going outside its encouraged to carry a bottle of water containing glucose and avoid giving packaged fruit juices
  2. Avoid Outdoor Play During Peak Sun Time:

    It’s good not to take toddlers to the playground from morning 10 till 4 o’clock. Their skin tends to burn faster than adults, so it best to keep baby indoors during the peak sun. As most of the kids are not accustomed for strong sun rays, it is best to avoid the peak heat hours. Try to make them play in a cool and well-ventilated place or room. In case of emergency travelling put sun shades in the car. Sunscreen can be applied to toddlers (above 6 months). Whenever, you choose a sunscreen check that it is appropriate for the age-group or consult with a good paediatrician
  3. Pick the right clothes and right fabric

    For summers, choose only cotton based clothes. They allow better air circulation there by drawing heat away from the skin and keeping the body cool. One more big advantage with cotton clothing is that they do not cause allergic reactions and do not irritate sensitive skin. While indoors, dress the baby in light clothing. Sleeveless and half sleeves dresses should be fine
  4. Diaper Rash:

    In summer diaper rash is very common in toddlers. So you can reduce the use of diapers during day or if not travelling. Wash off bottom with luke warm water frequently and apply diaper rash cream or petroleum jelly to prevent diaper rash. You may even apply a very thin layer of coconut oil. Give a lot of air time to allow for the skin to breathe and recover from rashes in any
  5. Heat Rash:

    Heat rashes are common during summer. These tiny red bumps show up on face, neck, arms, etc. They are uncomfortable and tend to be itchy. Make sure that your baby takes a shower in lukewarm water. Use mild soap for the delicate skin of your toddlers. Make your toddler wear loose fitting clothes
  6. Care during bath time:

    Avoid giving very hot water baths to babies and toddlers during summer. One should use tepid water to give bath. Use elbow test – dip your elbow in the water, it should not feel very hot or very cold. You can give maximum two baths in a day. Avoid too much of baths or sponge baths as these actions fluctuate the body temperature
  7. Pool Time For Toddlers And Kids:

    Water play is generally fun for toddlers and kids and what can be the best time to keep them entertained either in pool or in bath tubs other than summer. At home you can make bath time enjoyable for kids in their bath tubs by providing them bath toys and bathing books which are waterproof. Splish-splash-splosh and a cranky toddler will soon be happy after a bubble bath
  8. Beware Of Bugs and Mosquitoes During Summer:

    It’s important to stay away from mosquitoes and bug bites this summer. Wearing light coloured clothing is one of the ways to keep mosquitoes at bay. Using mosquito repellents can provide relief too if not allergic to it
  9. While Keeping Baby In Air-Conditioning:

    Air-conditioning can be tricky specially for babies and young children. It is best to keep babies in a well-ventilated and cool room rather than air-conditioned room as much as possible. However, in current times, it is almost impossible to do without air-conditioning
  10. Keep the temperature at a comfortable 24-26 degrees. Temperature should not be very low as that may cause baby to catch cold. Whenever going out of the AC room, switch off the AC for some time so that baby’s body has a chance to get acclimatise to normal temperature before going out of the room. Make baby sleep in a fully covered cotton onesie or body-suit, so that s/he does not catch cold even if blanket is off them while sleeping


  11. Using Talcum Powder For Babies And Toddlers:

    Many parents prefer using talcum powder to make baby comfortable during hot summer months. You may use it sparingly, but it is considered not too good to use too much talc for babies as it clogs the pores of the skin. You may use very little of it after bath
  • Washing hand frequently with a proper hand wash
  • Taking shower daily to avoid skin rashes and bad body odour
  • Wear clean undergarments and clean socks
  • Not sharing same water bottle with others


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Hello Madhu, please be sure about the temperature fluctuation of the room, colic pain, acid reflux of your baby. It can be due to the feeling of insecurity also. please read the blog on Insomnia written by me. It will help you dear

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